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Firefighters Gone Vegan

A crew of five firefighters from Austin, Texashas converted their engine house into a plant based hot spot and has experienced the amazing health rewards that come along with it. Via NY Times


The five firefighters of Team C at Firehouse 2 — Rip Esselstyn, James Rae, Matt Moore, Derick Zwerneman and Scott Walters — now eat vegan, taking turns whipping up plant-based fare like meatless and cheeseless pizza, pasta primavera and spinach enchiladas.

It did not happen because they shared a love of sprouts.

A routine cholesterol test left Specialist Rae, 37, shaken. The American Heart Association ranks anyone with a level of 240 or more high risk; Specialist Rae's hit 344.

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Just wanted to say that not only am I a vegan, but I am a vegan raw foodist firefighter who regularly reads your blog. Yes, I get ridiculed constantly for eating my "rabbit food," but it is no joke that the guys I work with eat probably the worst possible SAD diet: meat, fried foods, dairy products, etc. for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between. And its also a reality that most of the guys have high cholesterol and 40% of line of duty deaths for firefighters are heart attacks.

The next time I go back to work, I'm putting this article in the kitchen. Thanks, guys!


I remember when I was a firefighter. Good grief I love my brother firefighters but bow can they drink and eat steak.


My husband was a FF, who passed all his treadmills, and he appeared to be fit. He died of sudden cardiac arrest 17 months ago, 2 months before his retirement at 61.
He had a 90% blockage in his Left Anterior Desendnig Artery (LAD) and an 80 % in his Right Coronary Artery (RCA), undiagnosed, because of good collateral circulation. Meaning he developed Cornary Artery Disease young, thus good CC!
So, make sure you get your Calcium Scoring done, continue on a raw diet, of course a good cardio exercise routine and be your own advocate for cardiovascular health.
I am a long time vegetarian, just did a juice fast and now continue with a raw diet, along with a regular cardio routine and yoga.
Moral of my story, my husbands death shocked our family and a whole community, many have changed their life style, including my children and our fire family. I am their biggest support system, keep it going!

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