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Get the Sugar Out of the Diet, YES also Fruit

by Paul Nisson, via his paulnison.com newsletter, (p.s. contrats to Paul on his recent marriage to wife Andrea)

For the last 11 years or so I’ve been eating a raw food diet. Out of the many people I’ve interviewed who have been eating a raw food diet over the years, some are doing great, but some are not. In fact, some of the people I have interviewed died! As I say in my lectures, food is not the only thing that affects our health, but it is sure a big part of it. The most knowledgeable person I have met over the years when it comes to health and the body is Dr. Fred Bisci. Dr. Bisci, along with Ann Wigmore, Arnold Ehret, Brian Clement, Victoris Kulvinskas, Gabriel Cousins, and many other great pioneers of health all agree that when it comes to diet, we are getting ourselves in trouble by eating way too much sugar.

Of the few people I have met or heard about who teach over eating on foods that have a lot of sugar, I don’t see any of them doing as well as the people who I mentioned above. In fact, there are a few people telling people to over eat on fruit and this is very dangerous. I meet so many people who are hurt by doing this. If any one tells you it is o.k. to over eat on fruit, PLEASE don’t listen to them.

I was told the same thing and I felt great at first. But the reason I felt great was not because I was eating fruit but because I was leaving all the bad stuff out. As I got cleaner, the affects of all the sugar took its toll.
I wish years ago I wasn’t so stubborn and would have listened to all the people who warned me of the dangers of eating too much sugar. But now I did listen. Before I talk about anything I confirm it by three ways. First I see what the Bible says. In the Bible it says not to over-indulge in anything, including food. In other words, don’t over eat. The second way is what does science say about it? I’ve spent too much time with people teaching the raw food diet who just give their ideas with out having any understanding about the human body and health. Now I do the research and I have found that nothing ferments quicker than sugar. And last I apply it to myself before trying it.

Recently I have given up all sugar. I am doing this based on the program in the book “The PH Miracle” I highly suggest everyone read that book.

The results are in. I feel better than I have ever felt and for the first time I’m realizing first hand why so many people have a hard time with the raw food diet. Too many people are eating too much sugar and not enough green foods. Next month I will talk about getting more greens, but eating more sugar to do that is not the answer. We must all cut down on the amount of sugar we are eating if we want to experience health. Remember, there is a big difference between “Feeling Better” and “Being Healthy.”

Please understand I am not saying we should not eat fruit. I am saying we must not over eat fruit. No one has ever gotten sick from eating fruit. It’s over eating on it that is the issue. Also we must understand that sugar comes also from starches, flour and breads, pasta and things like that. We must also reduce those products if we are eating them.

In my new lecture I talk about all this and I am currently working on a book on the topic. I am excited to get this information out. If you have heard me speak before please come see me again for this new information I present. I am currently on a book tour and will be traveling across the U.S. All the lecture dates can be viewed on my website www.Paulnison.com Until next month… stay healthy, happy, and RAW!!!



I think Victoria Boutenko has come to similar conclusions regarding including more greens in her diet. I've read bits of her book "Green for Life" which talks about that.

the scientific community provides information very much contrary to the whole 'ph diet' thing.

the most important ph of our body - the ph that bathes all of our cells - is in our blood. and our blood ph *has* to be in a very narrow ph range; our body ensures it doesn't go beyond it. i have read the ph miracle as well but i find there is a lot of valid scientific evidence to the contrary. (also from discussions with my biology professor..)

now, concerning our intestinal tract - the ph of our food most likely does influence this as it is in direct contact. but the rest of our body? i don't believe ph means a thing.

there are a lot of basic biological tenets that i think a lot of people are ignorant about, including the blood ph deal. also? our body breaks all sugar (carbohydrates) down to glucose in our small intenstine. glucose is a monosaccharide, the simplest form of carbohydrate/sugar. fruit is naturally composed of glucose. while i definently agree we shouldn't overreat fruit... .where are those 'overreating' boundaries?


cucumber is a fruit... does it contain MUCH sugar?

Do you have any ideas on what might be "appropriate" amounts of fruit?

Thanks for mentioning the Bible. God knows what he's talking about concerning the way He made us. I've been realizing i have too much fruit. Thanks for the down-to- earth reminder. jen


There is so much contradictory information when it comes to fruit in the raw food community. Either it's sugar (in the form of fruit) that is the culprit or fat (avocado, nuts, and oil) that takes the blame. Personally, I think balance is the key along with not overeating. Going to the extreme in any food group will cause harm.


The title of this article is "Get the sugar out of the diet, YES also fruit". Nison then tells us he's given up all sugar. Then he says, "Please understand I am not saying we should not eat fruit." So what is he saying?

Is the article about not eating fruit or not overeating fruit? Is he just needlessly scaring people who are most likely undereating anyway? And contrary to what he says in the article, the people who recommend getting most of your calories from fruit are not recommending you OVEREAT it.

They are also not recommending that you ignore green vegetables. Vegetables are just too low in calories to meet a person's daily energy requirements unless one plans to turn eating into a full-time job. They are, instead, recommending that you not overeat fat.

As mentioned by another poster, food is not thought to have a significant impact on the body's ph. Regardless, aren't grains, nuts, seeds, and meat all considered more acidifying than the various fruits?

And last, but not least, if we're going to look to the bible for nutritional advice, let's read Deuteronomy 14. Here, God tells us which disease-causing meats we can eat. Be sure you don't cook a young goat in its mother's milk(14:21). As meat is the most acidifying of all foods, I'm wondering if God has read "The PH Miracle".



i like your take on the matter Cliff

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