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It's time to pump... you up!

Guys are always asking me about bodybuilders who eat raw, (and if it is even possible to maintain both lifestyles). Here are two that I often recommend, Charlie Abel (left) and Matthew Grace (right).

I was also happy to see Steven Prussack, from Raw Vegan Radio, has interviews with both Charlie and Matthew. How cool is that?



Wade McNutt www.wadebodysystems.com is former Mr.Canada, Mr Universe competitor who eats and advocates living foods

Wade McNutt

I sure do advocate eating raw food. I have not eaten meat for over 6 years now. While I eat about 80-90 percent raw I supplement my diet with lots of enzymes. It's important people get over the myth that you need animal proteins to build muscle as eating raw as well as being a vegetarian has only improved by results in bodybuilding.

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