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Luke's Review of PURE Bar (Verdict: Simply Great!)


Luke, founder of www.fitfuel.com and raw food bar addict, reviews the newly arrived Pure Bar.

It’s been a long time coming – long enough for Larabar to proliferate on Whole Foods market shelves across the country and long enough for me to have to force feed myself Larabar Cherry Pie bars (I’m on #2,477 and counting) – but finally a new raw food bar alternative has arrived: Pure Bar.  I don’t work for Pure, nor do I have any other affiliation with Pure other than the fact that my company, Fit Fuel, sells Pure bars.  But, as many of you know, Fit Fuel sells a lot of products.  I haven’t guest blogged about any of them – until now.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to contribute my two cents to the We Like It Raw readers because the We Like It Raw writers are awesome guys and you deserve to know about anything that will help you enjoy your Raw lifestyle even more.

A bit of background: Pure is a small company based out of Holland, Michigan, about 20 minutes from my hometown of Grand Rapids. They make 3 flavors of 100% raw bars: Chocolate Brownie, Apple Cinnamon and Cherry Cashew. Veronica, founder of Pure, contacted me early this year about getting Pure into schools and office buildings through our Fuel Zone, a healthy vending machine.  I was naturally skeptical – we’ve had everyone from Salmon Jerky manufacturers to low sugar candy companies try to get their products into the Fuel Zone.  When I heard that the bar was a raw food bar, it perked my interest.  I’ve always had a great relationship with Larabar and I knew that no serious competitor existed.  Making a high quality raw food bar is more difficult than it sounds. 

When the samples that Veronica sent arrived, our team inspected the product.  Our first thought was that the packaging could use a little work if the brand wants to grow legs, but we could help out with that.  Then, as is customary, we proceeded to tear into the box like a pack of ravaging wolves - we often neglect lunch – and were shocked at how great the bars tasted.  Let’s face it, taste matters.  Too often, it’s the ONLY thing that matters.  If a consumer can’t get past the taste, it doesn’t matter if a product will allow you to grow wings and fly – it ain’t happenin.

The Fit Fuel team spent two days handing out samples of Pure bars at the University of Florida and an office building in Santa Ana. After people had a chance to taste the bar, it became one of our best sellers.  Pure has also received high marks in our preliminary taste tests at a junior high school in Washington State.  Kids have given it a “vote of confidence” early on, and we are optimistic about its potential to gain brand recognition once more people, both raw food enthusiasts and “laymen”, get a chance to taste the bars and learn more about how great they are for you. 

Nutritionally, Pure Bars are the real deal – the only 100% raw food bar that’s certified organic, kosher and vegan.  Pure is unique in that they use lower-glycemic Agave nectar as a sweetener.  They also include brown rice protein, which, despite not delivering a high degree of bioavailability, is a solid addition to the bar.  Pure is gluten-free and has 400mg of Omega 3 fatty acids, one of the supplements in greatest demand due to its anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy properties.   

I encourage everyone to give it a try. FitFuel.com has put together special “sampler” packs for those of you who would like to try all flavors without purchasing 3 boxes. You can find Pure here:


Luke Arthur
Fit Fuel, LLC


Heather Horton

Hello Luke,

I have heard someone else rave about these bars as well. I can only hope that Whole Foods or other health food stores up here in Canada start carrying them. I'm curious though, is rice protein raw? It would seem as though it must have been processed and/or heated.

Can't wait to try 'em,



Heather. Great question. Luke sent me this!

Raw brown rice protein is typically produced by using a natural, non GMO enzyme to break down the carbohydrate portion of the rice, leaving behind a strong of 19 amino acids that form the building blocks of the protein. By most definitions, this is considered raw, as the process
does not include any heat or cold processing


Yeah, but do these bars use raw rice protein or regular rice protein? It says on it's ingredients - rice protein, nothing about it being raw rice protein.

These don't seem anymore raw then the Organic Food Bars which have rice protein as the only non-raw ingredient too and have twice as much protein. But these do look good too.


Rice Protein is not raw. Rice is not generally considered raw. I don't know it says it is raw. Weird.


Your statement that the Pure Bars are 100% raw is incorrect. I talked with the company today and they told me that the highest raw content on any of their bars is "about 98%" -- close, but not 100%. Additionally, because 'raw' is an unregulated term, it is highly abused by manufacturers for marketing purposes. Buyer beware.


There is no way big companies (or any successful company) would go out of their way to sprout raw brown rice. its all a gimmic to label RAW when not 100%. they go by the same guidelines many raw foodists follow, which is 85% or more makes you a raw foodists. fair enough, but it can be misleading to those who follow a 100% raw food diet. stick to bars like Raw Revolution or Brendan Brazier's vega whole food bars or just make your own. Its so great companies advertising raw food products to the general public, but we must remember they are 'treats' and are made with lots of sugars specifically intended to lure people into buying more deliciousness. Please contact the comapny when you are curious about ingredients- its their responsibility to contact the consumer and respond asap. we are their source of income btw.

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