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On Perspective & Appreciation

Inspired by Sarma's exploration on the Raw Honeymoon, I was inspired to talk about another raw phenomenon that happens.....complacency.


p.s. I think I said the f-word once.



deepen shah

excellent audio blog post about the essence of eatting raw foods and how it affects your overall mood and element.

i look forward to involving raw foods into my daily diet and one day i shall post about my feelings and energy towards it. ;)

keep up the great w0rk.



Thanks for the powerfully articulate and inspiring audio! Your passion is contagious. Much gratitude for connecting so many of us with this BLOG - I can feel the raw revolution welling up inside of me.


Thanks guys.

On a side note...I hate listening to my own voice. I sound weird.


I hate the sound of my own voice too hehehe. You sound great!


On the topic, am I the only one who listens to myself and think "That's what I sound like!?!?"? I wonder if people hear me the way I hear me, or the way I sound when being recorded.

If anyone knows the answer, I'd be curious to find out (Not about me, but scientifically what the answer is in general).


right now where I am with raw food after doing it for 3+ years...I'm just kind of exhausted and kind of fed up with it honestly. I'm sick of my friends not being into it and generally kind of rolling their eyes about it. I'm sick of going to raw food potlucks filled with people who have this big 'new-agey/spirtual' bent on the whole thing which I find really alienating personally. I'm sick of the amount of work it takes to prepare good raw food meals. I don't know...mostly I'm just exhausted with it which I think mainly comes from not having friends who are into raw mainly.

I really do respect spirtuality and I even respect the whole new-age thing. I will say that raw food probably has changed my 'spirtual being' or whatever. but that's not the primary focus I have on it. I just feel a hell of a lot better on raw. I mean, even the insides of my EARS feel cleaner on raw, haha. and it's sad to me when I think about all the ear infections I had as a baby because I probably wouldn't have had them if my parents had fed me a raw diet.

and in many ways sometimes I think the isolation that I feel from raw counterbalances any health benefits I get from it. it's like I might as well be eating mcdonald's from the stress I find trying to do raw gives me at times.

I used to really love raw food. I'd really like to fall back in love with it...I guess 'disillusioned' would be the best way I feel about raw food and the people involved with raw food. I love this blog though.

anyway, I had an amazing raw food meal today at a local raw restaurant...kind of buzzing from it actually, I feel great. yeah, I do still love raw...



I'm a speech-language pathologist so I'll try to answer you question even though I haven't opened my hearing science books in several years. First, you gotta know that there are two main ways we hear (warning: run-on sentences galore!):

a) Bone Conduction (how we perceive sounds internally/hear our own voice). When we verbally speak, we are hearing our own voices due to our vibrating vocal folds which in turn vibrate the bones of our head and then moves the fluid in the inner ear, which then activates the auditory nerve to send the sound signal to our brain. Again, this is how we perceive the sound of our own voice when we are talking.

b)Air Conduction (how we perceive sounds via the environment/externally). For example, the sound of birds singing, other people talking, wind rustling leaves, and so, our voice from a tape recorder. The sound waves are travelling though our outer ear and then vibrate the bones of our middle ear, which in turn vibrate the fluids of the middle ear (like in bone conduction), and then the auditory nerve pathway to the brain is similar after that. But the frequency is different because the sound waves are different from the outside of the body vs. the inside of the body. That is why our voice sounds so distinctly different when we are talking vs. when we hear it on an audio tape/video.

Hope that wasn't too confusing. I've never tried to explain it before. There is a bit more involved regarding various frequencies but that would just get too confusing I think.

p.s. I have to confess that I also sometimes find the sound of my oun voice strange and alien. But after "millions" of clinical hours videotaping/recording myself with my clients and having to listen to my voice over and over, I've gotten used to it and it doesn't really sound that strange anymore. So there may be a way to eventually get used to the sound of one's own voice. Hmmm..I wonder if that would make a good research project? "Desensitzation of one's own voice so that it eventually sounds pleasureable?"

Enjoy life!



I think you have a great voice. Your vocal style sounds self-assured and the quality has a wonderful calmness about it. So, please more audio posts! :-)


I agree with Jason, the sound of your voice completely relaxed me!

Im just starting out with raw food and so far really loving it....many people say "wow, you have such will power!" but I'm finding this a completely different experience to any detox diet I may have tried in the past. The reason? I see it as a lifestyle, not a fad. I don't want to put rubbish into my body anymore and i'm viewing this as an experiment. If I feel better on it I'll stick with it, if not I won't. Simple right?

It's so good to have these blogs where you can see other peoples thoughts and experiences on the subject....it can be difficult at times when everyone you know is rolling their eyes at you...!

I just keep thinking that i'll be the one laughing soon ;-)


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