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Raw food diet: half-baked idea for kids?

Via azcentral.com

NEW YORK -- At mealtime, the Talifero family's kitchen is abuzz with the sounds of the blender, juicer and nut grinder, but there's no whir of a microwave or heat from a stove.

Raven, 11, and Jome, 8, may be lunching on spaghetti made of spirals of raw cut zucchini with a sauce of avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and salt. Shale, 5, has simpler tastes, preferring plain fruit or whole avocado. Adagio, at 21 months, is fed primarily breast milk, nut milks and mashed fruits and vegetables. But while their home is filled with a brightly colored raw bounty, including desserts made of crushed nuts, blended fruits and raw honey, there is no cooked food to be found.

Jinjee and Storm Talifero have chosen a raw, or "live foods," diet for their Pine Mountain Club home in California's Los Padres National Forest. They say that their children are thriving without meat, dairy, cooked, canned or frozen foods.

"A few years ago at a party, Raven said she didn't want to be all raw anymore," recalled her mother, Jinjee, 38. "So we gave her a choice and said, 'OK, you can go ahead and eat whatever you want.' She loaded up her plate with bread, pastries and cupcakes. But two weeks later she decided that she wanted to eat raw again."

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Mostly raw is best for kids. Definately NOT animal flesh that's for sure. Kudos to the Tree of Life Center for studying this issue.


all I know is that in japan I think the most common breakfast is to have raw egg over rice...and it's also common to eat raw fish. I eat raw egg myself and I feel healthy on it so I'm not so sure about raw vegan personally although I feel awesome when I eat primarily greens.

I've read articles online and it mentioned how people in Okinawa Japan live longer than anywhere else on the planet I think...and they eat a lot of raw fish... and I assume they eat raw egg in the morning.

ultimately I'm just raising questions about 'raw vegan' specifically.


Well, rice is not raw, and in Japan and Okinawa they eat a lot of cooked foods with only part of their diet raw. So I would raise questions about "raw diet" period if I were to take them as the model.


I myself have tried to eat a raw food diet when I was about 10 after eating vegetarian and vegan for years. I thought that I felt good, but when I went back to a diet with meat and cooked food, I felt far better. I had far more energy, and I didn't have to eat constantly. Plus I did better in school and didn't feel tired constantly. And beleive me bread, pastries, and cupcakes are not the best things to eat. I went from raw vegan to salads, eggs, sardines and fruit. I've seen pictures of kids who eat a raw food diet and they look undernourished and too small for their age. I'm not knocking raw food - it's great to eat raw food but to have some meat and cooked food has helped me tremendously. My eyesight is way better for it.

Sushi is raw and it provides omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Some people think eating raw fish is gross ,but personaly I love sushi. I've been eating meat for about 3 years and I feel alot better than I felt eating a raw vegan or even straight vegan diet. Another thing: if Okinawans live the longest in the world than maybe we should take a look at the way they live. And not just what they eat. Exercise is important too. I do taekwondo myself. BTW, I am a teenager now.


sushi is NOT raw, it is raw fish on cooked white rice. Sashimi is raw

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