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Raw For 30: A Powerful Documentary

Raw For 30 is a powerful documentary, in the works, about a group of average Americans who healed their diabetes naturally, (thnx Chris Whitcoe for the link). Produced by Patagonia Films, a Gabriel Cousins inspired venture, this flick has the potential of being being as big, or bigger, than Supersize Me.

One thing is for sure, this film is going to totally shake up this house. Can you imagine? Billions of dollars spent on diabetes research and then comes a long a no-name film maker and a tiny healing center that stands up and says, "Not only do we have a cure, but all y'all pharmaceutical companies out there just got punked!"

Is it me, or is this whole raw food movement starting to get really exciting?! Mad props to Michael, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe and the entire Raw For 30 film team.



OMG!!!1 This is SO awesome. Better than Super Size Me!


This gets me very excited. I have a glimmer of hope that the masses may begin to understand.


I sure hope so.... I'd like 'raw' to go mainstream so that when I say I like to eat raw food that people don't roll their eyes or appear confused and to me it just doesn't make sense that something this healthy would be so obscure


I don't think it looks half as entertaining or 'sexy' as Supersize Me... I mean, even the title isn't that intriguing "raw for 30"...to me that's a boring title for a boring documentary... unlike Supersize Me which is using a common pop culture term, supersize, and putting a different spin on it. I mean, to me this seems like a documentary that people in the health industry would find interesting but not that average person... unlike Supersize Me which I think is entertaining even for someone who is already healthy, etc.


It might not be glamourous, but people love stories of redemption and watching real people succeed. I think the average person would enjoy it, cause it's kind of like a reality show. Either way, it's awesome and if it helps just one person live a healthier life and be cured from diabetes, that's better than none. Health is not about being entertained.

"Is it me, or is this whole raw food movement starting to get really exciting?!"

i was thinking it was just me, too.... but no ... the times they are a changing :)

David Cornbleth

I hope this becomes a Major Major Film that will hopefully cause a radically positive shift in the everyday average person's consciousness to expand the awareness of the causes of ill health in people today and the truth of the healing power of raw, organic, fresh, ripe, plant foods.


-David Cornbleth-
Las Vegas, NV


My opinion (Take it for what it is), is that the rawfood movement has some major steps still to take. I get very excited over this, and I'm sure most people in this community do as well, but we're preaching to the choir. I'm a capitalist by nature (to give you some perspective of where I'm coming from), and for the most part society still has a long way to go before "consiousness" becomes one's life quest. We are a society ruled by the oh mighty dollar. Like it or not. I think the key to this movement, or any other for that matter, is to be able to communicate to the masses the way the are used to being communicated too. Having a detached, non-conformist way of talking to people, in a way that is capitalistic seems to make more sense.

Where am I going with this? This movie needs to 1)reach the masses in a way that pop-culture can identify with it and 2)PRODUCE A PROFIT. That would be a major step in the right direction.

That being said, I think this is movie is great. In fact I just emailed it to a client of mine who is battling diabetes.


I'm all for free market capitalism, hey I love Ayn Rand BUT not everything needs to be dumbed down for the 'masses'. If there is to be any marketing, let's get in the hands of major health food advocates like Gary Null,etc. Send a copy to Mackey at Whole Foods.


This is great that they healed their diabetes and it's great that they documented it in a film.

However I am ALWAYS skeptical about diet plans that work being promoted as THE ONLY WAY and the only thing that works for something.

I mean you take a bunch of people who were eating mass doses of fast food, refined and bleached sugars, flours, meats, trans fats, grease, artificial foods and flavorings, candy and alcohol and who overate and had diabetes. And then put them on an alcohol free and sugar free diet with real food and no refined anything, of course that is a dramatic change. So how do we know that it was just because of the type of food and the lack of the foods they were eating before that caused the diabetes in the first place. Rather then just the fact that non of the food was COOKED? How come there were no control groups to find out what factors really made the change and the most change. Like why weren't half the people on a low fat vegan macrobiotic diet with some cooked foods but still no sugar, flour, alcohol, candy, dairy, fast food etc. and still all organic whole foods.

Without control groups, we cannot give all the credit to a lack of stove or say that heating food in general is what causes diabetes.

It's great that it works, but each variable should be isolated and tested to see what's having the most effect. Or else it's not science but just raw religion.

"Early studies suggest that persons with diabetes can improve and, in some cases, even cure themselves of the disease by switching to an unrefined, vegan diet."


I've seen many other claims and studies of vegan or macrobiotic diets claiming to heal diabetes. So it can be done even without eliminating all cooked food. Maybe all raw food works even better, but we will never know without comparison studies. Or even comparison studies of different types of raw diets like low fat vs. high fat, low fruit vs. high fruit etc. etc.

Too many conclusions are drawn in the mind alone here....


I would like to post these video's on www.myspace.com/livingproofnutrition - how do I get the code to do this

(I am not a savvy website person -
so in simple terms pls also I would like the reader to have the option to play and not just have it start playing right away... :)

Thanks, I love all the posts... I Love this site!

Tammra -RHN

autumn Dill

i really liked the comment "so why don't the doctors know about this?"
haha. thats just the healthcare administration's love of money truly being the root of all evil.


I'd love to know why they decided to use a British woman's voice to narrate a documentary about average americans. to me, that's yet another example of the people involved in this documentary making misguided decisions. I think if they want to appeal to the general american public... how about use a typical american voice? I think the british accent gives the documentary an authoritative and pretentious tone

debra van culiblog

chapeau dudes! wonderful news. I agree with SH about the brit, but not about the tone.

re: raw and diabetes, you can control certain types of diabetes with a low glycaemic diet - and a vegan raw food diet is absolutely a low glycaemic diet.

great news this is, primarily because it points to personaly autonomy and not to pharmaceutical industry. absolutely happy making.

debra van culiblog

ka-ching! I would like nothing more than to see the evil mo fos of the medical industry earn way less money. i am so excited about this film that I had to comment twice.


This is the type of documentary that really helps bring the point across about our own life choices. Something as simple as your diet can have major effects on your own life and the life of the planet.

I can't wait to see the full documentary.


Kari, who commented the other day, sounds pretty smart.

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Being a diabetic type II myself, the important thing is that the underlying message of this documentary gets out and brings hope (and healing!) to the many who suffer from this illness. It may seem extreme but then again, diabetes is not an adversary to be merciful to:)))

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