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Shazzie launches UK's first raw food store

Shazzie That that gorgeous gal Shazzie is at it again! Via edp24

She has written a series of self-help guides and recipe books promoting the raw food movement, instructing people how to "detox their world".

And yesterday Shazzie - it is just Shazzie - was in her home town of Yarmouth to launch the country's first raw food shop.

Very exciting times! This is def a great step in the right direction for UK.

When the WILR squad was in London this past summer, we really felt that the UK was struggling to keep up with some of amazing raw food hot spots that you would find in the United States, (especially in Cali and NY).

But knowing that hot ladies like Shazzie and Karen Knowler are out to correct this problem really makes us happy.

p.s. All this UK Girl Power is great, but yo.... where mah dogs at?