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Shazzie launches UK's first raw food store

Shazzie That that gorgeous gal Shazzie is at it again! Via edp24

She has written a series of self-help guides and recipe books promoting the raw food movement, instructing people how to "detox their world".

And yesterday Shazzie - it is just Shazzie - was in her home town of Yarmouth to launch the country's first raw food shop.

Very exciting times! This is def a great step in the right direction for UK.

When the WILR squad was in London this past summer, we really felt that the UK was struggling to keep up with some of amazing raw food hot spots that you would find in the United States, (especially in Cali and NY).

But knowing that hot ladies like Shazzie and Karen Knowler are out to correct this problem really makes us happy.

p.s. All this UK Girl Power is great, but yo.... where mah dogs at?


Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

Just to set the record straight ; ) There are now 3 raw food shops in the UK, and they all opened around the same time. The Fresh Network (also an appointment-only shop at the present time) came first in January 2006 located just North of Cambridge, Shazzie's came around the same time in Norfolk and Kate Wood's shop in Brighton came third just this month. So there's more happening over here than you might think ; ) And we also have the world's best raw food festival (end of October called The Fresh Festival) don't you know?! And monthly raw dinner parties in the heart of London from April... Let's hear it for the UK!!!!


Karen Knowler setting the record strait. Haha, but what about the UK raw food boys? Any prominent ones out there? Not that I have anything against girls! Gotta love the girls.

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

UK raw food boys....? Russell James, Raw Food Chef... he's causing quite a stir (pardon the pun!)... Other than that...? There's Mike Nash (author of Raw Perfection / Agressive Health).. that's really about it!

Sad but true!

Truth Seeker

There's a shedload going on in the UK raw scene:

Raw chocolate training with The Raw Lifestyle Coach Jess Michael on April 1st

Food of Life Festie in Hove on June 4th with Kate Wood, Shazzie, Mike Nash, Holly Paige, Angela Stokes, Steve Charter, Phil Grist. Stalls, post-festie party, Steve the raw clown, and more

Funky raw festival, 8th-13th August (not much information on this yet)

*David Wolfe* and Shazzie in Somerset 6th-10th October for a four day transformational retreat with Mike Nash, Daniel Aaron, Debbie, Natasha and the Osho team. (£50 discount for bookings before May 3rd).

Holly and Rob's workshops: http://www.rawcuisine.co.uk/

Rawberry: http://www.rawberry.org/

There's probably more if you scout around. I find most of the information in Shazzie's journal, she seems pretty free with promoting other people's work, which is way cool.

Truth Seeker
*seek and ye shall find*

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