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Toxic cooking oils

On my last audio post I commented on how I've forgotten how headaches feel, (not totally true). I was reminded a few days ago while visiting family member who was cooking an Indian bread in a deep pan of what I think was canola oil.

Even though the windows were open, the smoke and smell of the oil meeting the heat started to accumulate in the room. After about 15 minutes my head started to hurt and I had to leave the room. I went outside for some fresh air and in 3 minutes flat my headache went away.

Now this doesn't happen all the time, which makes me suspect that some oils are far more toxic than others when cooked.


  1. Has this ever happened to you?
  2. If so: What oils, when cooked, make your body ache and what oils don't?

I know I've never had an issue with people cooking coconut oil.



Hi. I always enjoy your blog!
I am Japanese living in Japan trying to be as raw as possible:-)
I've had the bad oil experience a few times back then (when I was practicing Macrobiotic diet and eating mainly cooked food). Olive oil never made me sick but cheap canola, which is the most common oil you can get in Japan, gave me really sharp stomach ache after eating things that were fried in canola. In eating macrobiotic ways, I often fried veggies and marinated in a nice vinegerate source, but now I think back, I got often had uneasiness and dullness and sometimes stabbing pain in my stomach by eating it.



Thanks for the comment. I think one thing I forgot to make clear is that I'm asking about people getting sick just form the smell of oil cooking.

Would love to hear about more your experiences being raw in Japan.


I'm going to perfect a raw roti recipe I have twirling in the back of my head. I think the oil off the plating would make me ill now.


I remember before I ever went raw reading about the dangers of cooking oils and I think it didn't make sense to me that people would be taking a risk like that...and I remember thinking, "there must be a way to cook food without having to put myself at risk of cancer or something." of course, years later I found the raw way of eating.


I get crazy sick feeling at the smell of Frying Butter. No one seems to understand it and people think I'm silly for 'acting' sick. But as soon as I start to smell the butter frying (for pancakes for example) I feel like vomiting. But it's not all the time, which makes me think there is a right and a wrong way to fry butter. But I'm not sure.


I get headaches whenever we put fried type foods in the oven (fish sticks, fries, etc) I know it is the 400 degree oil that gives me the headaches because I hate the smell and it's always that same smell. I read somewhere that the fumes that hot oil emits are not good for you whether they bother you or not.

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