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Traveling with tea


One of the easiest things for me to bring when I travel is a simple tea mix of agave, a light tea (I like organic mate or organic jasmine tea), and goji berries. I usually stop by at any airport coffee shop, order hot water and make it slightly less hot by adding cold bottled water, (stay away from super hot tea). I steep the tea, add some agave, and throw in some gojis.

Let me add though that when I first started on this raw food journey, about 5 years ago, I was sooooooooooooooooo hungry all the time that I was forced to make full blown salads every time I traveled. The thought was great, but the idea wasn't time friendly. But as my diet evolved, and my body got extremely mineralized, I could go for full day easily running on nothing much but the concoction above.

I know some raw foodies stay away from teas, and if that's you then more power to ya! If you are going to drink tea though, here are a few tips I've collected:

  • Stay away from super hot water, it will burn your cells and kill the tea's nutrients
  • Artificial teas are a no-no, the cleaner you get, the more they'll give you a headache
  • Keep it organic or even home grown
  • Don't drink too much, your teeth will get stained
  • Toss in some gojis or other dried berries to spice it up