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Traveling with tea


One of the easiest things for me to bring when I travel is a simple tea mix of agave, a light tea (I like organic mate or organic jasmine tea), and goji berries. I usually stop by at any airport coffee shop, order hot water and make it slightly less hot by adding cold bottled water, (stay away from super hot tea). I steep the tea, add some agave, and throw in some gojis.

Let me add though that when I first started on this raw food journey, about 5 years ago, I was sooooooooooooooooo hungry all the time that I was forced to make full blown salads every time I traveled. The thought was great, but the idea wasn't time friendly. But as my diet evolved, and my body got extremely mineralized, I could go for full day easily running on nothing much but the concoction above.

I know some raw foodies stay away from teas, and if that's you then more power to ya! If you are going to drink tea though, here are a few tips I've collected:

  • Stay away from super hot water, it will burn your cells and kill the tea's nutrients
  • Artificial teas are a no-no, the cleaner you get, the more they'll give you a headache
  • Keep it organic or even home grown
  • Don't drink too much, your teeth will get stained
  • Toss in some gojis or other dried berries to spice it up



I found this really helpful. I too drink tea--although it's been a while--but carrying a little travel pack is smart--especially with the Goji berries. Yum!
That way you get a little treat to chew up at bottom of the cup.


I would eat the goji's and drink the tea. Stevia packets would be more travel friendly then agave, but I don't like the taste of it.

Sandeep Sood

some quick props for this recipe...been using it at home and love it! Makes green tea so much more interesting...I have also learned something new about my diet - in times of high stress/low sleep, keeping food out of my body for a while and using tea recipes like this really helps...


I've been off of coffe/ cream/ sugar for awhile now, but I'm wondering if tea/ stevia/ coconut milk is ok? I LOVE this.. even hot water, coconut milk and stevia.. is this too good to be true??

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