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Yana Gupta's beauty secrets


Hate it or love it, when a model/actress goes raw, our vain society, or India's in this case, listens. Better raw than Atkins. And hey, we hear India could use a little more raw food in her diet.

Mumbai, March 13: Model turned actress Yana Gupta is among the sexy sirens of Bollywood. Her curvy figure and porcelain skin makes everyone crazy about her. Tagged as an Item girl, Yana reveals secrets of her beauty and health.

Being a health conscious person, Yana follows a certain diet. "I eat only fresh and raw food. My diet consists of a lot of vegetables, fruits and juices. Being a strict vegetarian, I don't even touch any non-vegetarian food," she said.

When it comes to body Yana completely believes in work out. "Exercise is a part of my daily routine. Apart from that, I make it a point to be very active. You must sweat it out, as the body gets rid of toxins and keeps the heart healthy too," she said.

Yana prefers to have juices rather than coffee or milk. "I drink carrot, cucumber and apple juice. Coconut water is something that I have to drink everyday. It has so many minerals. I prefer drinking lots of water everyday," she said.