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You name it, we've tried it!

You don't have to agree or even believe in the concept of eating meat or cooked foods. The fact of the matter is that it happens.

You can argue all day and night that it shouldn't be done. The fact of the matter is that it happens.

You can mention study after study and archaeological find after archaeological find...doesn't change reality.

The reality is that humans have eaten everything and anything since the beginning of time. I'm talking about everything from babies drinking anti-freeze to people trying to eat their own feces. You name it, someone out there has tried to eat it.

One of the reasons humans have had such a wide range of foods included in their diet over the last gazillion years, including other humans, is that never before in the history of the earth has the best food available been as accessible and as abundant, for as many people, as it is now. The world is smaller and foods that weren't even on your continent previously are now available right down the street.

Some people have this idea that we should be eating food the way it was eaten 100,000 years ago. While that sounds really romantic, we also have to keep in mind that 100,000 years ago humans faced droughts, floods, fires, and all sorts of other things that created a space where the primary concern was not, "What is most optimal for me to eat," but rather "Will I even eat anything this week?"

When it comes to food there is no right or wrong. There is only reality. Today's reality is that humans still have a wide range of foods they eat, even bugs! My honest feeling, however, is that given the choice of amazingly tasty and abundant raw food and amazingly tasty and abundant cooked food, people will start choosing the raw food because they feel better eating it.

So I actually don't care what we use to eat in the past and I don't think it is helpful to go back and forth with expert evidence. The reality is that you name it and some human out there has tried it!

Finally, I as a human, have the opportunity to actually ask myself, "What makes me feel good and taste good too?" And for that opportunity, I am amazingly grateful.

Okay...all this typing has made me hungry....and you know I likes it raw!