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Build that digestive fire!

If you have a hard time digesting greens, or any raw food for that matter, you probably have low levels of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in your stomach. Years of progressed foods generally are to blame, as you can imagine, and that's why more than 30% of North Americans suffer from extremely low levels of HCL.

Low levels of HCL make it tough on your stomach to do the digestive work it needs to do. But why is it that many Americans think they have too much acid? Well what happens is the stomach, anticipating meal time, produces excess acid to make up for the shortage and that excess acid leads to what most people call acid reflux or heart burn. It is NOT chronic and you DON'T need the Purple Pill.

When you clean up your diet by eating more raw food, this naturally takes care of most of the issues by not suppressing the stomach acid any more and returning levels to their natural balance. But if your diet is fairly clean, and you are still having trouble digesting certain foods, one think that has worked really well is celery juice. Celery juice contains enough acid to give you that boost your stomach needs to return to its natural balance.

Try 8 ounces celery juice every other day, (mix it with some cucumber juice if it is too strong).

*Note: Yes we know we've over simplified the whole stomach acid thing, but we're just trying to get a base understanding out there



Thanks for this post. An acupuncturist was telling me the other day that raw foods can dampen your digestive fire and stress your spleen, but that seemed odd because in my personal experience eating raw foods has improved my digestion immensely. I guess everyone is different, but the stomach acid theory really made sense to me.

Russell James

For anyone wanting more info on low HCL, Victoria Boutenko talks about it in her fantastic book, 'Green For Life'. She expalains how green smoothies can help and also links it to weight loss in people following a raw food lifestyle.


What I've found helps with digestive problems when eating raw is mango. Just one will give you almost immediate effects.

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