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Geeez Dan, we almost forgot about you...

But then you had to go and open your mouth! I got nothing but love for my raw brothers and sisters, but this is way too raw in a whole different way, if you know what I mean.

Note to the public: Dan is a bad boy. We're good boys.


Daphne Cheng

another more detailed article. disgusting


Certainly is not the kind of Raw publicity anyone in this scene wants out there. What an idiot for bringing it to everyone's attention again and doing an interview.

If I were the reporter I would not be accepting a drink called "nut milk" from that guy like he did. Gross!

Here is the full line,

"In his account, the perpetrator is Nguyen, who misread his intentions (he claims he was already mid-masturbation when she stepped onto the train) and then humiliated him by posting his picture on the Web."

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