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Karen Finley smears Bush while eating an apple

Karen Finley, the "notorious performance artist", 80's erotic art queen, and winner of a National Endowment for the Arts grant has recently launched a controversial play (now a book) entitled George and Martha.

All that drama has led to some heat in the kitchen. This interview explains how The Nation "backed out" of an interview with Karen because of some of the play's reference's to anal sex. But even with all that heat Karen still isn't cook'n. As she mentions in one interview, “Yes, I can cook, though right now I’m into raw food."

George and Martha - Via Amazon

"This fantasy about a tryst between George Bush and Martha Stewart in a seedy Gotham hotel—the thread count on their pillowcases isn't even 200, as Martha astutely points out —pushes a lot of buttons. It depicts domination, rather lackadaisical fellatio, spanking, cocaine abuse, diaper play and baby wipes, and much pop psychoanalysis, all hung on a George and Martha as broadly drawn as Finley's doodley caricatures that adorn the pages" More