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Keeping it raw at the big screen

Snacks and movies go together like greens and avocados. To deny that marriage is to deny the essence of an American past time. So rather than fighting the urge and deciding not eating at the movies, our recommendation is to plan in advance, (we hear SO many "I cheated at the movies" stories).

Side Note: Sure you aren't suppose to be taking your own food into the movies, but hey... you're a revolutionary!

One time the WLIR squad was sooooo hungry before we met up with some other friends at the local movie theater, that we decided to make and smuggle in some huge kale salads. It definitely fixed our hunger pains, but we made such a mess! Learn from our mistakes.

On the many occasions that we weren't as hungry, we've opted for the following snack items:

For more tips, check out this forum posting on the Nature's First Law Boards.



my personal fav is pumpkin seeds that have been soaked, salted, then dehydrated.

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