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Luciano's Raw Food Cleanse


One of my company's main spiritual and business mentors, Luciano aka Luch, is on day 6 of his 2 week raw food cleanse. His beautiful wife, Sara, sent me the photo above to show me just how much fun he was having.

I decided to email Luch and find out first hand what his experiences have been.

To Luch, From Dhru
Luch, can you give me a 2 to 5 sentence write up of how you feel so far?

I got this insightful response back:

To Dhru, From Luch
That's how I feel

Haha...gotta love the honesty! But Luch, being the amazing guy that he is, sent this follow up:

To Dhru, From Luch
Since starting the Raw Food 2 week cleanse much to my surprise I an not hungry.  There is too much food for me to even eat (I am a huge eater) so I do not go hungry.  For me the key to this is to eat before I get hungry otherwise I get cravings for meat and other salty foods.  I can think more clearly, I have more energy and I sleep better.  I can do anything for 2 weeks! Oh ya ... and I am losing about 1 pound per day!

I would say that Luch's experience in pretty typical. More energy, less sleep, a feeling of surprise that you aren't as hungry as you thought you'd be.

Overall I feel that 2 weeks, especially for someone who is disciplined, is easy stuff. Most people prefer to do things gradually, as do I, but I also think it is nice to have the first initial experience of things being dramatically different from how they were.This especially holds true if your diet really sucks. There is this feeling of "Holly cow, I can't believe how I use to feel compared to now!" This creates a sense of motivation and inspiration to improve health.

After that initial 2 week period., its useful to go gradual and start including more and more raw food into the diet. But if you don't make this part of plan ahead of time, the whole gradual thing, you'll mostly likely fall into a trap of wanting to move quicker than your body and mind is ready to do. I've seen this at least 1,000 times with friends and family.

So take it easy and move forward with ease - in the long run, it will pay off!

Good luck Luch!



if he's craving meat and stuff... it's generally safe to eat raw eggs as long as they're free range and/or organic. it might satisfy the cravings...


Hey Luch,

Your lunch looks pretty yummy!

Would you have the recipe for your salad? (looks like broccoli or zuchinni)

Best Wishes!



I like raw veggies with italian dressing.


When I switched to a clean diet I was hungry all the time. After a certain time I noticed that what I interpreted as hunger wasn't actually true hunger but detoxification. For example, if your stomach grumbles, you feel weak or you have a coated tongue you can be sure it's detox. Sometimes it's really hard to distinguish between the two states. You have to listen to your body and notice the signs.


I have been 80% raw for over a month now and I still get ravenous! To make matters worse my son who lives with me continues to cook food and needless to say he cooks great. It's really hard having lots of veggies and salads including a good dressing while smelling onions and garlic browning in olive oil and seeing a very appetizing pasta dish (vegetarian). Does anyone out there have or had the same issues. It's easy to go raw when you are by yourself or if your family is participating. If they aren't it's so difficult, especially at night. This is where I say I am 80%.


Diane. I've been vegetarian about 7 years, vegan about 2 and started raw food diet about a year ago. All my family members are not even vegetarians and they all cook good (my mom is professional cook). It was hard but everytime I wanted to eat something they were cooking I recalled all the things that motivated me to go vegetarian/vegan/raw and I didn't want the food they were eating anymore. Now when somebody is cooking my body doesn't want to eat this, but when I smell fresh vegetables or fruits.. umm.. can't even be compared to anything cooked.

Thelma Williams

I am thinking more and more of at least doing a raw food cleanse. I have type 2 diabetes and want a permanent solution to it. I understand that it is able to be cured with diet and micro nutrients as needed.I cut beef and pork from my diet 19years ago.I am concerned with getting good vegetables and fruits as I do not live in a community that have a mostly organic and home grown foods.
I will do more study before embarking on this journey but i know i will begin it soon.

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