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More community at Raw Food Chat

Alex Malinsky, creator of RawGuru.com, has recently launched RawFoodChat.com - a raw food community website.

Design is pretty crisp and the site looks like it has a lot of potential. Can't wait to see it grow.



Just have to remind users about http://www.rawfoodtalk.com -- Alissa's Cohens chat board. It is VERY active and has hundreds of users. Most people have purchased her book, but everyone is welcome.


How is that going to help alex and his www.rawfoodchat.com community grow? This new community is more than a forum, it has everything like interviews, pictures, articles, and much more... :-)


Hey Scott, why post about Cohen's forums under the opening of this one? Not only is it not cool, well ya no it's just not cool. www.rawfoodchat.com is really nice looking and informative.

- Mark


i totally agree with Mark.

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