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To all the David Wolfe haters and lovers...

Raw Vegan Radio, hosted by Steven Prussack, recently conducted a really interesting interview with health visionary and leader David Wolfe.

For people who consider themselves "in-the-know," when it comes to the world of raw foods, you'll be happy to hear David Wolfe address everything from accusations of plagiarism to the roll of money in the world of raw foods.

We'd really like to thank Steven for asking such authentic questions, (questions that interviewers in the past were afraid to ask). We'd also like to say we were really impressed by the level of response by David.



So are ya'll at We Like it Raw David Wolfe haters or lovers? Inquiring minds want to know! I'm on the fence (and relatively new to raw).


I find Wolfe interesting. He uses a lot of hyperbole (like eating plants gives you superhuman powers) so it's hard for a newbie to know what to take seriously. I plan to listen to the podcast.


I feel David Wolfe is great! My husband and I have been to a couple of his speaking engagements. We have been raw for four years now! His spirit is real and loving!
We are glad David Wolfe is in the fore front movement of rawfood, etc. Thank You, David!

Love and Light,

Pansy (Ohio)


Mercedes, good question. We loooooooooooooove David and owe the inspiration behind this website to him!

Elvis Ripley

He really lays hard into the topic. Now I really love him. He should be on all radio shows.


Thanks for that--I've been a reader of your site for awhile now and you're one of the sources I "trust," so if you're a Wolfe fan, I'll be sure to keep an open mind with him =)


If you have any questions or doubts about Wolfe's plagiarism, read this post at VegSource: http://www.vegsource.com/talk/raw/messages/20056.html


You all crazy! He and his bloody friend Mike Adams just to want to take advantage of people, and the stupid "super food" trend, that cause a loooot! of destruction in Brazil (Acai) and in South America. They just want to take the gringos! to live in Vilcabamba and invade the land there, and destroy de Ecuadorian traditions get out! go back to your USA!


I do think the reason peeps fair ill will on david is that there jealous.

and that he acts like a valley guy in the WAY he delivers his message. and maybe not as "holy" as people WOULD be more comfortable seeing him this way as they really wouldnt aspire to his message as it is boring to be somewhat "holy". he NEEDS to jazz it up a bit otherwise others wouldnt be entertained. Is there something wrong with that? Just because you feel a tinge bad when stumbling across him, does that mean HE must be not in the public eye?

TRue, in a "perfect" world, we wouldnt need heroes, but that's the great story here folks, the hero saves the day.

And that he is successful and pick him apart to see if what's below what's fascinating about him is less than perfect.

i'm not saying EVERYONE wants to be like wolfe, or thats why they pick him apart, it's jealousy.

how do I FEEL about dave? awwww I think he's the coolest hippie i've ever known. Do I get jealous? YES! but i wouldnt resort to picking him apart just because I need a spotlight too. and I wouldn't put him down just because I wanted to see him fall because I was tired of someone ruling. I think I choose to focus on my own life and eventually i'd have attained the health, authority, vacations, trips to hawaii, numerous houses, numerous cars, numerous friends, that he's aqquired.

He may NOT be perfect, is it your job to correct him? maybe it is, dunno know.Yeah, he is a bit of a showoff and has over 1000 you tube videos of hisself speaking on his passion, and it is in our face a little too much, but I DONT think it's out to make a buck. It's just an art he does.

Someone he will fall, as in in his fame, and either the next expert will step in or we'll alll become "experts" and need no ruler. Just turn your attention away from david if you don't like him, or it makes you FEEL FUNNY to like him. Love yourself.

Joe Harding

Never thought him to be anything CLOSE to authentic.. What a disgrace. How must the real author and his family feel? How come it took 3 people to "write" a book (Natures First Law)they plagiarized word for word?
Has Wolfe apologized for this? I dont think so. Isn;t this illegal and a crime? You better question who you follow. This guy is full of himself and full of IT.

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