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Fast Food Nation Trailer

While I have a feeling that the movie will be good it seems the trailer is a little low energy. It is also interesting that they chose to do a traditional movie instead of a documentary. Maybe they didn't want to get type-casted by Super Size Me?




I can't help but feel leary of turning the book into a fictional looking story.

I think maybe the move was more motivated by potential lawsuits?

Tee Jenkins


You are AMAZING!!! Such a wise young man. I just watched and cried through 2 of your videos (Falling Still and Thoughts on Food and Relationships). It's 1:48 a.m. (August 7th) and I should be in bed, but I could not pull myself away from listening to you. Your talks are definitely worth the lost sleep. I SOOO appreciate you sharing your insights and tips. I love how you speak from your own experience to help others. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are a true blessing to this universe. I have emailed your videos to friends and family. As my lovely sister would say, "Continue to bless others with your presence."

Tee Jenkins

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