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Fresh Young Coconuts IM conversation

Vinit: i couldn't find young coconuts by the case at the Asian food store, so i ended up buying a few single ones for $1.25 each
Vinit: any suggestions?

Dhru: call up your local Asian food store and tell them that you want to buy young coconuts by the case, they'll usually end up ordering them from you, especially if you buy them on a regular basis.
Dhru:  thats what i did here (delaware)
Vinit: how much do you pay

Dhru:  about 1.15 each, still not that cheap, but in nyc though, and san fran, they are about 99 cents because they are closer to the ports

Vinit: oo ok
Vinit: gotcha

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you actually still have it really good at $1.25 each.... i pay $2.80 in humboldt county!




I have heard that some of these coconuts coming in from asia have been pre-treated to keep from looking 'aged'. anyone have any ideas on whether this is misinformation?


yes it is true, all of these coconuts coming from thailand have been dipped in a solution containing formaldehyde to keep their white color. some argue that the tough coconut exterior keeps it from affecting the water and meat; although i have also heard that tests have been done showing there are traces. thus i use them in moderation. there are sources of organic coconuts however, they go up to like $6 a piece. or you could move to hawaii or florida and get em fresh!


yeah, I've heard about a lot of chemicals used on these thai coconuts... I know they definitely aren't organic.


thst's just too bad..and hate to say but i just dont trust my local source to give me the right info...what to be done?



What additional info are you looking for? If they are young thai coconuts then it is almost guaranteed that they've been dipped in formaldehyde. Not only to prevent aging, but to prevent insects from getting in the skin.

As Allisun mentioned, the thick skin and shell does help. And in my 5 years eating totally raw I've never felt bad from eating cocnuts that I consciously know of - but hey, that's just me.

I don't eat them every day, but during the spring and summer I've sometimes been known to have a coconut smoothie quite regularly.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Mr. Furley

What the bloody hell is going on here?


The weirdest thing is happening... someone from this website linked to this post and I have no idea why.

If you read the thread, you'll see how random the messages are:



I agree with the fact that those of us who have been eating tons of thai coconuts and feel great are a good example. Someone mentioned moving to hawaii or florida and having fresh ones...BUT..it's not so easy as that (like that's easy) I actually live on Maui right now and we have fresh coconuts, but they are green coconuts, which are different than the Thai coconuts. These are the same as in florida, brasil etc...they are not as sweet and yummy. The water and the meat both have a more dull and plantlike flavor to them. They are very rich in minerals, and supposedly better for fasting...but I really miss the Thai coco's. I can't wait to get back to LA and crack one open!


AT LEAST SOME conventional coconuts do NOT have formaldehyde either inside nor on the outside husks; see this website: http://www.basilandspice.com/journal/matt-amsden-tells-the-truth-about-thai-coconuts-and-formalde.html.

Thank God! They are so good!


I followed that basiandspice link and the article is no longer there.

Can you repost the correct link?

Is there a way to know?



So the yyoung cocnuts at whoe foods are treated with chemicals? what a dilemma...

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