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HHO Fuel

This is crazy!
Hopefully this technology doesn't get killed like the electric car.

Link via Vinit & Chris W.



I think it's interesting this is happening in clearwater, FL which is also the headquarters of the church of scientology. just a random thought.


You know what... they more I read about Scientology, the more I see how well raw food could fit with it. Can you imagine.... home boy Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes raising their baby raw?

Maybe I need to start writing some press releases or something.. ;)


I think scientology tends to get a really bad reputation...but in my opinion it's one of the 'least worst' options in terms of a religion. I knew of a guy in new mexico who went through a detox somewhere in california assisted with the church of scientology and now he's off of drugs permanently and his parents are very thankful. and I know the program was somehow associated with the church of scientology.

Noah Seidman

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I met a man who had spent his life working on one project. An engine that ran on animal poo. It was his life's work, and it was an amazing invention that worked. He patented it. Then he was approached by a huge global corporation who told him they'd buy the rights to it off him, and then said that he would be involved in actually creating machinery and cars that ran on basically just poo. He recieved lots of money for it, which he badly needed at the time, and waited, and waited, and waited. They did nothing with it, nothing at all. They just sat on it. And no-one else can do anything with it because they own the rights to it.
Anyway, Check out these guys in Australia who made a car run on electric charged water:

And this about a man who invented a water engine too. He says he was murdered on the heading, but the film is just about his invention, doesn't mention if he is actually still alive.
Could just be an attention grabbing headline.It says he was offered billions to just sit on his invention.

Oil will apparently run out in 100 years time, and luckily, us healthy raw fooders will probably still be around to see the day when we will have to be using these types of free, clean fuel. I am looking forward to that day.
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You can find out more infor on the Australian water engine here#;

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