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Monday Raw Food Blog Roll

Our Raw Family Blog
Sean, Ava and Elizebeth Neumann are family trying an exclusively raw food diet for 4 months, (hopefully longer if it works well). Their blog is a posting for insights and daily attempts at various raw food recipes. Very personal and updated regularly.

Berry Cobbler Sunday: "It turns out when you defrost frozen fruit it takes on the texture of cooked fruit, so now you can have a raw berry cobbler that tastes even better than the ‘real’ one!"


30 Days on Live Blended Foods

From May 20 through June 20 our good friend Kristin Whitcoe is only eating blending foods. She's started a blog called Blending for 30 where she'll document her experiences. Why blend? Blending your foods makes it easier for your intestines to absorb nutrients. Blending works great for individuals who feel they have a lot of junk in the system or are having a hard time gaining weight.

Day 1 to Day 2: "Yesterday I made 3 smoothies at 8 am, 4 pm (we were in Tuscon most of the day so I drank a lot of water and herbal tea in between meals), and then before bed at 8 pm..... To satisfy my chewing needs, I used my "chewing brush" for 15 minutes last night to exercise my jaws and stimulate my salivary glands."


Cacao, Raw Chocolate, Food of the Gods or What You Will
Karen Knowler has put together an amazing mini guide to cacao aka raw chocolate:

"While there may be a lot of people in the raw food world thinking/ feeling that raw cacao is just as addictive as the cooked stuff (they may be right.. I have my own suspicions!), for those that want to find a great way to satisfy the chocoholic in them, then this is where it's at - minus the milk, sugar and all the other nasties that most believe is chocolate..."


$20-a-pound Berries
101 Cook Books has some neat photos of what fresh Incan Golden Berries look like:

"Would you pay twenty dollars for a pound of dried berries? I just did. Curiosity got the best of me when I spotted a new import alongside the Tibetan goji berries and cacao beans at the market this morning. Incan Golden Berries, wildcrafted and sundried from Peru."


Eats of Eden
A blog by Sally Miller, owner of Eats of Eden, about getting the most from a raw food diet.

"I have been practicing the Raw and Living Foods Lifestyle for the past four years. I sought alternative methods of nutrition and healing after being faced with breast cancer for the third time in 13 years.... After realizing many benefits from this choice in eating, I decided to start Eats of Eden as a consulting, teaching and retail business. I am happy to spread the word about the healing qualities and great taste sensations that are all part of choosing this healthier approach to life."


Super Vegan Maps

Super Vegan has, as they claim, "the best damn guide to dining vegan in New York City!" Using the Google Maps API, Super Vegan has created a searchable map/directory of Vegetarian, Vegan and yes, even a few raw food hot spots, in NYC.