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Rawfood.com launches "Raw MySpace"


David Wolfe, Thor and the team from rawfood.com have launched their own version of the popular My Space. The site is called eat.rawfood.com and, surprisingly, it is put together very well. Check out Thor's personal page.

I think this is awesome and more of this is exactly what the community needs. Now if only I could register! I've been trying for the last four days but I'm not seeing any confirmation emails. Is anyone else having this issue?



I have also tried to register with no confirmation email- weird...if you get on let us know how! Thanks


I agree that this "my raw space" site is a really cool looking experience, however, I can't seem to get registered either. How can we find out the trick?

The Queer Chef

wow a nice looking myspace!


I didn't have a problem registering mine. Then again, I've been busy and don't remember a lot of stuff :D


Both my husband and I have tried to register without getting confirmation......hmmmmmmmmm. We want in!


I'm unable to get registered, too. I'll keep trying!


I got in through the back door- I registered at me.com and then used that login to get into eat.rawfood.com. Try it- it's lonely there all by myself!


I tried the front and back door and neither worked???


contact me.com through their website. they hooked me up.


Anyone check out www.rawfoodchat.com ?


I haven't had any problems getting registered... I hope it works for everyone. Its a great place, I love it! I spend way more time on there then on myspace.


i too have tried numerous times to register with no luck!


I like touching little boys.


Sorry to break it you to you thug... We're not that type of raw...


I've tried registering twice, without receiving any confirmation mail.
I've contacted them about it and hope the problem will be solved soon.

Mercilie Sowers

I apologize for all the problems that everyone's been having. This is being taken care of so that future potential members don't experience the same troubles.


yay, i got in!

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