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Sen City's Raw Perks


This tip comes to us courtesy of the lovely Deepa Sood, who would like you to know that just because she is sending us this tip doesn't mean that she still doesn't love her Taco Bell Mexican Pizza...beans no beef. ;)

Raw food and spas fit perfectly together like goji's and cacao. The NY Times tipped us off to this growing trend in one of there recent Sunday features and now we have more evidence from another mainstream outlet.

Daily Candy, the what's-hip-in-the-world-of-women newsletter, points out that the ultra sexy SenSpa now offers raw snacks while you wait to get centered.

Look, too, for unique spa services (among the usuals). Facial Fitness firms, detoxifies, and lifts the skin. Buddha Belly relieves pregnancy aches. And Island Indulgence soothes and energizes with wave-like rocking.

Added perks include raw, organic snacks; a staff aromatherapist; memory foam beds with Italian linens; filtered water throughout; a wireless lounge area; and four music options during your treatment.

Wireless internet and raw food? What more could you ask for?

SenSpa - www.senspa.com
1161 Gorgas Avenue (Directions)
San Francisco, CA 94129