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Too good to be true, raw chocolates

Chocolate One of my consulting company's clients, Raw Life Line, has just launched a too good to be true - raw chocolate bar ($6.00 - 2.5oz). Words cannot describe how amazing these bars taste.

The key ingredient that sets these bars apart from any other bars is the cacao butter. Most raw chocolates out there use coconut butter and that just ends up leaving you with an extremely oily taste, (not to mention in melts at room temperature).

If you are a chocolate hound like me, these bars are a must!



Oh wow, those look great!
If you click on the link in that article you see that magnesium is one of the biggest deficiencies in America. One of the signs of a magnesium deficiency is being easily startled or jumpy.

Get this. Yesterday morning, I had a huge cacao drink for breakfast. A few hours later I went to The DaVinci Code with my beautiful wife Jinelle (who is also raw, you can find a picture of her here http://eat.rawfood.com/rawfood/VinceWendling).

There were a few parts in the previews and movie that were startling. It was crazy; everyone around us would jump or even kick the back of my chair. Not once did I even flinch. Not because I wanted to show how tough I am, or any nonsense like that. It was as if I almost anticipated the event just before it happened and I could just watch it. No elevated heart rate, nothing… It was just another event that I found intriguing in the film.

So eat as much cacao as you want. It’s good for you and you may just develop super powers!

Cru Cacao

Decadent Raw organic vegan chocolates.


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