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Vinit's Raw Food Round II Testimonial

Vinit Some of the greatest raw food testimonials I have are from people who rediscovered raw food for the second time, in a way that worked finally clicked for them. Add this testimonial from Vinit to the list!

Vinit T., To: Dhru P. (rawfood@gmail.com)
Thu, May-18-2006 10:24 PM

DUDE I am seriously in shock right now.

(By the way I am writing to you while I drink a delicious banana/strawberry smoothie I just made)

I just got back from running 7 miles (outside, up and down hills), stopping at the gym for the SECOND time today, working out abs and biceps HARDCORE, and I just got home and I DONT FEEL A BIT TIRED. Yeah I feel my leg muscles a bit tight, but my body feels FULL OF ENERGY.

Because I like to work out and want to have a HOT body, I was previously concerned that a raw food diet would make me thin and weak. Well and behold I actually went UP in my weight in EVERY EXERCISE this week, did not feel sore at all, and am feeling more energized than ever!

I not only feel stronger, but I feel powerful. I feel connected. I feel present. And best thing about this all, is that its ONLY BEEN ONE WEEK!!!!!!


With LOTS of Raw Purpose,


p.s. Want to get in touch with Vinit? Email him at vinitt at aol.com (replace the at with @)



I think we said "yo" and "like" about 314 times.....

hah, its all good...


good job vinit! way to rep the raw world!

Deepen Shah


Way To Go RAW! and get the gloW!

It was awesome to see you recently and I can definately see changes in yourself from being on Raw Foods.

Keep up the good work!



I think the audio blogs give a lot of credibility to the posts...especially testimonials.


Thank you guys! It's good to have such support by my close friends.

The real thanks go to Dhru and welikeitraw for continuing the education and raw food movement!


Vinit - It's so great to hear about your raw food round 2! :) Keep glowing.


Eeeeeekkkkk!!!! Yah, I know. Now, my good fellow, you have all of those metabolic enzymes at your caprice. Cool, huh?

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