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What the hell does a vegan eat?


Yo, seriously... what the hell does a vegan eat anyway? Raw food actually! Well... only on Wednesdays.

What the hell does a vegan eat anyway is a simple vegan blog about what vegans eat everyday. The great thing about the blog is that Wednesdays are reserved exclusively for raw food, (see the photo gallery).

A few of my favorite Raw Food Wednesday dishes:



yo, thanks for picking a good picture ;)


Thats how we roll baby!

p.s. "Ingrid Newkirk's Baby Daddy"... love it!


FYI; morels should NOT be eaten raw. Raw morels contain a toxin which can cause illness and even death. Cooking morels removes the toxin. Sautee them after lightly breading with flour, and their true divine essence will be released. If you want raw mushrooms, eat portables.

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