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Whole Foods Austin & their Live Food Bar

The We Like It Raw Squad is in Austin today and in between some business meetings we had an opportunity to check out the Whole Food's flagship store and their Live Food Bar. I have to say we were extremely excited by the setup and the variety in the menu. The raw food section is combined with a juice bar where fresh juices, prepared foods items and packaged food are all served together.

However, the actual food itself was average to bellow average, (comparing it to the world of raw food cuisine). Seriously... they need to hire Sarma as a consultant or something. With Whole Food's retail expertise and Sarma's cuisine expertise .... man, the possibilities are endless!

It wasn't all so-so though, here are a list our favorites:

  • Raw Tostada
  • Super Green Juice: Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon and Spirulina
  • Raw Mock Sour Cream & Chive Dip
  • Raw Marinated Vegetable Salad
  • Live Almond Milk

Photos coming soon!



Hi y'all,

Welcome to Austin! It's so great to see you guys reviewing one of my favorite places to eat here. The raw tostada is okay but my faves are the lasagne and the raw nori rolls. These are not to be missed...



cool, I was always curious about this. I would love at some point for every raw food to have a little raw food bar...awesome....


Our Whole Foods here in Denver, CO has a small handful of 'living foods' items -- lemon cookies, flax crackers, mock tuna pate.. I agree with Dhru.. not the best in the realm of raw but yay for being there!!


I'm glad to hear that the whole foods in Austin has a live food bar. I'm relcating from S. California, where I have a few raw resturaunts to choose from and was worried about missing out.


is the rumor true?

did it close?


David Favor

Next time you're in Austin, target being here
on the 1st Saturday of the month when we have
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Terri Baker

Just to let you know - Cynthia Beavers closed the Dallas Restuarant - several years ago! It is still being promoted yet it's no longer in existence!! It's very disappointing to continually see it advertised and supported. There is a new reatuarant called Bliss - which is really awesome, as well as a new Whole Foods Market has a raw food bar inside.

Ya'll Rawk on - yhear now!

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