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Anthony Bourdain is pissed!


Don't 'f' with Anthony Bourdian, or you just might end up as a target in his next book. But if you do manage to pissed him off, don't worry, you'll have company with raw food enthuisist Woody Harrelson and Charlie Trotter. Via Bookslut

Bookslut: Your essay in “Nasty Bits” about raw food was almost polite. You’ve been much more mean to vegetarians in the past, but this essay talked about how every person finds their own path. You reserve your ire for Woody Harrelson. (In the essay, Harrelson refuses a meal in Thailand in order to stick to his strict raw food diet.)

Anthony: Clearly I’m angry at Woody Harrelson. I’m okay with people who are horrified by cruelty to animals. I understand that completely. Who isn’t? Well, a lot of people aren’t, but I am. I wouldn’t hunt for sport, as I’ve said. I’m grateful for annoying gadfly organizations that embarrass or use any legal pressures to encourage people to not hunt. Same with fur. Same with cosmetic testing on animals. I don’t see any reason for that. As a comedian said, however, if you tell me hooking a chimp up to a car battery is going to find a cure for AIDS, I’m all for that.

What really got me, as angry as I was, I think Charlie Trotter’s comments (in the foreword to his cookbook Raw) were pretty measured and I could kind of understand and even respect what he’s doing as an intellectual exercise or a creative exercise, but I was really furious at the thought of anyone lucky enough to travel to Thailand -- lucky enough, because I am aware at how lucky I am -- and then turn your nose up at it. So rude and anti-human and contemptuous of this planet and other nations and other cultures, and that’s where I get pissed off.

Bookslut: I thought the Charlie Trotter book was an interesting experiment on how to make raw food edible, because there are a few enormously expensive raw food restaurants here that serve, you know, salad.

Anthony: That stuff is incredibly expensive. Someone did a cost break down of what it would cost you to survive on that stuff, to buy all that equipment and just load your refrigerator with vegetables and starches to be able to replace the protein intake. Highly extravagant and difficult. I see it in a way as giving succor and comfort to the enemy. I think that Charlie Trotter… if anyone is aware of the magnificence and importance of Charlie Trotter it’s Charlie Trotter. As he’s all too happy to remind us. On one hand I think it’s important to acknowledge how talented and important he is. On the other, when he comes out against foie gras, or he personally chooses not to use it in his restaurant as he prefers to say, he gives succor and comfort to the raw food movement, I don’t think he realizes he gives political cover to the very people that I personally see as the enemy.

Anthony's latest book, titled The Nasty Bits: Collected Varietal Cuts, Usable Trim, Scraps, and Bones, is a showcase of "entertaining feast from the detritus of his years of cooking and traveling". You can learn more about Anthony at www.anthonybourdain.com




So it is "rude and anti-human and contemptuous of this planet and other nations and other cultures" to not eat a meal that doesn't go along with your dietary preferences?

I haven't read the essay yet, I will do that today, so I don't know the specifics, but this sounds a little stupid.

Okay maybe a lot stupid.


That being said, I still love watching Anthony's FoodNetwork show.... it has a real authentic down to earth quality to it.

I always imagined that a raw food show like that, the travel style, would work well.

One time I was at a pitch meeting at the 'O' network with David Wolfe and he pitched an idea similar to Anthony's show. World Travel meets Raw Food with a guest celeb on each show. Well... it wasn't really their style, but.... they are going to feel like idots when he makes it a reality! Nothing says "told you so" like success.


"Someone did a cost break down of what it would cost you to survive on that stuff, to buy all that equipment and just load your refrigerator with vegetables and starches to be able to replace the protein intake. Highly extravagant and difficult."

Anyone know who that someone is? I would love to see that report. Comments like these perpetuate the "protein myth" that has been debunked time and time again. My $1.00 handful of Goji berries gives me almost a full dosage of complete protein for the day. I bet with two handfuls, I would be set. :)


My sister has been to Thailand and when these people invite you to their homes, they go all out for you. Fish, meat,etc. and cooked foods in general may be served but it's cooked with love and should be appreciated as such. I suppose some people derive some feel good self righteousness by not eating certain foods.

I don't know if raw foods is more expensive. Raw food restaurants are very expensive though, except for Bonobo's. They seem to be the cheapest. I went to a certain raw food restaurant and can't believe I paid $5 for a puny little avocado cut up on a plate.

I'd love to know where Scott got goji berries for so cheap. Share the wealth Scott :-)


I'm sorry to say this, but Anthony doesn't look like a nice guy to me. Why critizising other people because of how they live/eat?
As far as Woody Harrelson is concerned, yes, the Thai may put a lot love and energy in preparing their food, but so do friends and family. Does this mean we just have to say yes to anything they serve us? I can understand fully why Woody refused, and think it's kind of brave too. You can say 'no' to someone, this doesn't mean you don't respect that person and what he does for you. I guess Woody certainly hadn't had the intention to hurt those Thai people. Having seen and read what he does in general, I certainly wouldn't call him 'rude and anti-human and contemptuous of this planet and other nations and other cultures', actually he seems like a very good man to me, that makes an effort to change some things in the world for the greater good. Anthony Bourdain on the other hand seems to act rude and unkind himself. Why is he so pissed anyway and why would he put down other people like this?


I also think raw food can be as expensive as you want it to be. Eating some organic fruits and vegetables in their raw state, doesn't have to be more expensive than your ordinary cooked meal. It can be cheaper even and thinking about the farmers who put all their effort in it and getting paid a fair price, plus what it does for our world... Well...
If you'd like to eat high gourmet all the time, take expensive raw supplements and buy the special equipment, like the vitamixer, the dehydrator, the special juicer, yes, then it will cost you some.
But otherwise it is just a lame excuse for not wanting to eat this way.
And actually, convenience food in the stores is only cheap because it's mass produced and made of less-than-good quality. You could actually wonder why we would pay for that crap, talking about a waste of money. And think of the money most people would save on medical bills and medicine.


I didn't finish that last sentence: 'By eating somewhat healthier'.


They don't have any raw restaurants where I live (which is in The Netherlands, Europe), o wait, there's one in Amsterdam, and that one's cheap and serves simple organic meals, but I can imagine those fancy raw restaurants in New York etc. are way expensive. But so do fancy cooked food restaurants, right?
I mean, there are a lot of salad bars and juice bars too over there, right? Aren't those reasonably priced?

Stephen Parker

Bourdain doesn't begin to comprehend what raw foods are about. Charlie Trotters food is great but it is special occasion food. The most satisfying raw food living comes with making new choices and not simply replacing cooked food with raw versions. A simple diet of fruit,vegetables, seeds and nuts is tremendously satisfying and goes far in helping us to extricate ourselves from the matrix of our over hyped disease ridden society. Raw Foods living gives us another choice. www.rawdish.com


Ive watched his show several times and the concept of it is entertaining. On a personal level though he seem's to be very negative and narrow minded.
As far as simple raw foods vs. raw gourmet for eating I seem to be caught in the middle. I juice for breakfast and usually have seeds and a whole fruit smoothie for lunch. While dinner I do try to prepare a more raw gourmet meal.
I guess as a mother and the one responsible for cooking I feel a need to prepare the 'typical' meals for my children. I want our young kids to sit down for dinner and have a meal because I feel it is important for them to grow up with that staple of family time. While I admit my husband and I have often been happy eating a piece of fruit and a handful of sesame seeds.
I am finding through my raw journey that the more complex meals are for a few nights only a week but balancing that with something that resembles the 'family meal' is hard for me.
I suppose Ill find the balance along the way.
But I do believe that for me and my family buying the expensive equipment such as dehydrators, juicers and vitamix was comopletely necessary for us to make the change to raw foods.
With a toddler there is no way that she would make the jump from grilled cheese sandwiches to raw kale. But that's just my kid.


Oh, but I think Mr. Bourdain has it all wrong. When one chooses to live according to his/her convictions and eat "according to the laws of nature" and not give up their values, that sincerity, in all its simplcity and glory, transcends the labels and constraints that is what we call "culture." Soon we begin to emanate love and others will feel that on a level, which words can do no justice. It doesn't matter if we travel to Thailand or Africa or Mars, if we're doing what we love for the betterment of ourselves, we have no one to impress or answer to but ourselves.

Just my 2 sense. Peace all.


I enjoy his assumption that cooked Thai food would be pleasing or attractive to a long term simple/mono-eating raw foodist like Harrelson. It would, infact, probably make him too sick to be a polite guest.

I bought nori the other day and the clerk shuddered and told me I was very brave. Just because it was cooked with love in a country Harrelson can afford to visit whenever doesn't mean he needs to eat it. That goes double for the foie gras, and triple for the duck that they force-fed to produce it!


I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Bourdain is just luckier than any of us to get his on print. There will always be people who bitch about anything, so if you dont like what he is saying, deal with it!





Shame Shame, young lad.


What can I say... I like it raw.


Seeds, for lunch? I think I'll have another chili dog.


I don't agree with Anthony Bourdain's ribbing on Harrelson's diet. If the guy has certain diet requirements than so be it. It's his choice. However ...raw foodism ain't for me. Seeds? Raw kale? Sorry folks but I'm cookin' that with bacon and a slab of pan-fried rib eye steak!


I truly do not believe any of you understood what Mr. Bourdain was saying. We Americans have become to arrogant. When you go to visit another country, research it first. If you require a special diet, have that communicated from the beginning. Arrogance and disrespect for another, no matter who they are is always inforgivable. I love mixing the Raw Diet with my everyday eating habits. Open your eyes and minds, please.


Just to clarify whether or not Woody made a social faux pas in Thailand by refusing a meal - absolutely not. I'm a long time resident of Thailand and can tell you that Thai people are very opened minded when it comes to diet perferences. I'm on a raw food diet and have never been questioned by or offended anyone. Quite the opposite - moderation in diet is practiced by devout Buddhists and is respected by everyone. Thai people in general are very healthy and conscious of what they are eating. AB sounds like a complete moron.


I dont even see how its possible that he was served fois gras or anything cooked (especially meat) in the first place.

And its Thailand...coconut smoothies, durian, jackfruit, papaya...I mean, its raw food heaven if you want it to be!

He is a big time celebrity, there is no way his very specific diet wouldnt be made known to everyone preparing his food while in Thailand. Doesn't that make sense? And you cant blame him...he has built up such a reputation...he would lose cred in the raw-vegan movement. People judge way too much.

Im 100% raw at home, and I do 99% vegan while traveling. Its more about the flavor and sauces than the meat inside. However, I did eat Yak meat in a hut in the Nepalese Himalayas, but thats what its all about. You cant turn them down...not with that look on their face...so happy to share and let you try, how could anyone say no???

Anyways, I understand what Bourdain meant about being a snob, but he doesn't understand how it feels to be raw, and what crazy stuff is really in that food.

Peace all


boohoo, you people and your raw food. Too bad our ancestors didn't master the art of fire....oh thats right they did.


Sorry, this is about 4 years too late, but AJ you are wrong. Of course cooked food is found in Thailand - you don't need to 'research' Thailand culture to know that. Woody Harrelson is a pretty famous actor and usually does communicate his needs, as shown by the movie Zombieland. To judge someone based on something so stupid is arrogant and ignorant


I just saw the episode where Bourdain ripped on Harrelson in a speech in NZ.

Not only was it was very classless, but horribly ignorant and narrow minded.

Bourdain walks, talks, dresses, fights, cooks, writes, and sleeps like an annoying flamboyant faggot. I only watch his show for the food.

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