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Toronto's Live Organic Food Bar Reviewed


What's up raw homies, Vinit here. This past week I took my first long distance trip while being totally raw. Despite some suggestions on what to bring, I arrived in Toronto completely unprepared.

Luckily, I had researched and found Toronto is home to one raw food restaurant named LIVE (map). The first day I reached I decided I must check this raw restaurant, to (1) satisfy my curiosity on how the food is and (2) to hopefully bring back some food that would last me till the evening or even the next day. 


Driving from the suburbs into downtown Toronto, I came across a street that reminded me of the lower east side of New York (the Village). As I walked inside I was welcomed with a warm smile by one of the employees and directed to the Juice Bar area. Because I was there mid-day and they were not so busy, I discovered that not only was I able to experience some extremely tasty raw food, but also enjoy good conversations with the owner Jen and some of the other employees.


To my surprise, they change their menu every 2 weeks! My favorites (which may or may not be there when you go) include:

  1. Pizza Napolitano
  2. Taco Supreme
  3. Thai 'Stir-Fry'
  4. Chocolate Cake dessert (unfortunately I was so full from everything else, I couldn't finish it- see picture above!)

The food turned out to be so good that I didn’t even think about ordering some take out for later, but I did pick up one of their dry packed goods, a chocolate, raisin, cinnamon granola. That, surprisingly, lasted me till the next day.


Overall, the atmosphere is extremely pleasant. They have nice seating for a date or business meeting, or, if you're like me, both at the same time. If its nice out, I highly recommend the outside patio or if you just want to grab a beverage and snack, you can enjoy good food and conversation with the lovely ladies of the juice bar.

Special thanks to owner Jennifer Italiano (above left).

Live Organic Food Bar | map
264 Dupont At Spadina
Toronto, Ontario, CA
(416) 515-2002