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Living Nutz, 100x better than AirPlane Peanuts

So I definitely don't eat Peanuts any more, but I do get a little nostalgic for them while flying, (hey, food is very emotional).

But as I sit at Midway Airport snacking on a pack of Spicy Onion Garlic Pistachios, from Living Nutz, I'm starting to wonder why the hell I ever ate airline peanuts.

These Nutz, with a 'z' because they straight up zesty, are the perfect travel snack food. Germinated first (to remove enzyme inhibitors), then dehydrated with a touch of spice to flavor things up.

Be weary though, you can overdue them soooooo easily. Some quick tips: 1) we know they are tasty, but don't over eat the nutz 2) keep a bottle of water handy because dehydrated food makes you very thirsty 3) eat some greens soon to maintain the alkaline balance in your body.

WLIR Recommended Flavors:

  • Vegan Cheezy Almonds
  • Banana Bread Walnutz
  • Chili Pistachios



They sound good!

My only comment would be to drink water before the nuts, as drinking while eating isn't good for digestion.


Linda, good point!


I'm a newbie to raw foods who is looking for guidance and camaraderie. To that end, I've really been enjoying your website. I also dropped you an e-mail a week or so ago and am following up to see if it was received. Thanks.



Just sent you a reply! Sorry for being late. I'm been a bit busy traveling.


Midway! Chi-town pride! Though I currently live in Vermont I'm moving (back) to Chicago at the end of July. I can't wait! These snacks sound fab as well =)


Hi, I love the WLIR blog. I read it everyday. Yesterday I went to Karyn's here in Chicago and she now carries the nutz. They are as good as you say. An excellent snack and you don't have to eat too many to be satisfied. I wouldn't have picked them up if you hadn't recommended them. Thanks!

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