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Living Nutz, 100x better than AirPlane Peanuts

So I definitely don't eat Peanuts any more, but I do get a little nostalgic for them while flying, (hey, food is very emotional).

But as I sit at Midway Airport snacking on a pack of Spicy Onion Garlic Pistachios, from Living Nutz, I'm starting to wonder why the hell I ever ate airline peanuts.

These Nutz, with a 'z' because they straight up zesty, are the perfect travel snack food. Germinated first (to remove enzyme inhibitors), then dehydrated with a touch of spice to flavor things up.

Be weary though, you can overdue them soooooo easily. Some quick tips: 1) we know they are tasty, but don't over eat the nutz 2) keep a bottle of water handy because dehydrated food makes you very thirsty 3) eat some greens soon to maintain the alkaline balance in your body.

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