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Raw Ice Cream Season


If you've never had the opportunity to try Pure Food and Wine's world famous Raw Ice Cream, here's your chance.

One Lucky Duck is offering a 12 pint deal for all of us ice ceam lovers who still like it raw.

At $300, we know the deal doesn't come cheap, but if you ask us, it's well worth it. Sure, you may not be able to order this every week, but this package if perfect for a party or a gift for a loved one.

Here's the break down:

  • Pints of Ice Cream: $13 each
  • Insulated Shipping Box: $20
  • Dry Ice: $22
  • Overnight Shipping (FedEx): $80-$120

Call 212-982-1213 to order or email info@oneluckyduck.com with your questions.


the Courtland!

hey Dhru...

the web link for One Lucky Duck is a little off - you forgot the DUCK!

hope you enjoy the ice cream - it is probably sweet while i am here on the west coast feeling a bit bitter!


Whoooooops. Sorry about the weblink. Fixed now.

Come meet us in NYC sometime, we'll take you out for ice cream.

Is the guy on the left on raw food diet?


He was and then wasn't and now is again! We're not perfect, just real!

See here:


$41.00 is a lot? When ice cream goes for $300?

Anna Elisa

This is for the blue green post by vinit.
I am posting in this section because you closed the comments. Why? Because no one agreed with you?

It's very strange that your main contributer is Sarma Melngailis and your first advertisement is for One Lucky Duck. As a raw foodist you should be promoting any chance to bring raw food to the people.

Have you ever been to the Friday night dinners in DUMBO? You'll find the most spectacular presentation or raw food. Every week the menu is new and completely different.

I am from Brazil, and I came because i am huge fan of Matthew Kenney's. And I am staying because what they are doing there is so groung-breaking.

I visited Pure food and Wine in June 2005 and was surprised to see that when i ate there last week, the menu was almost exactly the same, except the desserts.

As a good journalist, you should have done your research prior to posting this. At $41.33 you paid much less than you would have at Pure Juice and Takeaway.

But the picture is very nice.
And Brazil will win the world cup!!!




I closed the comments because of some bad language. Regardless though, you've made some valid points. And I totally agree with you. I honestly feel that Brazil will win the world cup. ;)

I'll re-open the comments Monday for anyone to post anything they wish.

Mad love for mah raw peoples!


Thanks for the answer....

But i cant understand why cant you open the comments now... why wait till monday?
Ans why are you blocking people who posted favorable comments from responding again????

Matthew Kenney

All of the comments in support of Blue/Green are really appreciated. Thank you. That said, if Dhrumil does not take his own site seriously, I'm not sure that we should.

Matthew Kenney



Thanks for the comments. I happy to encourage discussion on the site, but when I feel that people from your team are sending out personal attacks, its tough. So I shut down the comments on that forum while things cool off. As for the blocking, looking at the IP address it is clear to tell that the person causing ruckus is coming from one computer.

But now that you're here, I did have a proposition. ;) Maybe one that would bring credibility to our site. What about a weekly column from Celeb Chef Matthew Kenney?

Matthew Kenney


Thanks for your response.

It would be my pleasure to write a weekly column for your site. Please feel free to email me with the details of how you envision this working. I know we have had issues in the past with information about our company being deleted from your site, so it is important that we can agree on a format which allows for the column to be properly represented.

To the extent that anyone on my team was writing in, I certainly understand why they would feel passionate about the postings. They are a very talented group of professionals, who work hard to bring healthy raw food to several locations every day. To allow a post to be published in such a fashion (and one that was not even edited or spell-checked), they (and I) felt that they were being treated unfairly. That said, I felt that the point had been thoroughly made: both by the comments that were posted and the lack of concurring comments, which is when I wrote in.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Matthew Kenney



I have to say that I am not from Matthew's establishment, just a raw food enthusiast. I was utterly shocked by your biased review that was clearly a petty personal attack on Matthew. I think that the earlier comment was right on...whether or not you intended it, your review did appear to be taking sides in a personal matter between Sarma and Matthew. While its well within your right to take sides (privately), publicly, as a journalist (or pseudo one), you have an obligation and a responsibility to be a hell of a lot more objective --at the very least, to be more mature. This is my first time on the site and I must admit just reading how this little event has played out doesn't reflect well on you or what you say this site stands for. I'm all for freedom of speech, and I do realize that not every place deserves a favorable review, but this "review" wasn't a review at all, it was plain and simply a personal attack. And I don't think your comments about the pricing at BG are hardly fair when you consider how costly itis to have meal at Pure Food and Wine, or to get a smoothy a Pure Juice and Take Away. I think both establishments have something special and different to offer and attempting to compare the two is like comparing apples and oranges...

I am somewhat pleased to see that you've attempted to redeem yourself by proposing a column to Matthew... perhaps more diversity with regard to contributors is just what your site needs. However this situation turns out, a little more objectivity would certainly be in order.



This comment has been removed do to the fact that it was stupid.

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