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UK Food of Life Festival this Sunday

Shazzie and company are throwing a little raw party this weekend in Brigton this Sunday called Food of Life. If you are based in the UK check it out and let us know how amazing it was.

Hey Love,

There's a massive food of life festie in Hove (nr Brighton) this Sunday.  8 speakers, inc me, Kate Wood, Angela Stokes etc, stalls, and partying and raw food through the night. It's looking like the biggest one in the UK this year, and daytime entrance is just £2!


Food of Life Festy a one-day celebration of ‘All things Raw and Beautiful’

Sunday June 4th from 10.30 a.m.
The Old Market, Hove

Upper Market Street,Hove, BN31AS

  • 9 great presentations including
  • Shazzie: Raising Children on Raw
  • Mike Nash: aggressive health
  • Kate Wood: Superfoods
  • Angela Stokes: Amazing Weight Loss
  • Siridatta: Raw Yoga

Day tickets till 5-£2 on door