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You just might get Tempted!


We looooooooooove Raw Chocolate, (in moderation of course). And we looooooooooove Shazzie! And guess what? She loves us too! How do we know? She told us in an email, (don't get jealous gents).

But you don't need direct contact with Shazzie to get some of that love for yourself. Experience the seduction via Shazzie's most recent product, Temptress Raw Chocolate Bars, (£ 4.45 | $8.25).

Introducing Shazzie's very own handmade raw chocolate bar. The first of six to be released, Temptress is the most heady, dark and daring of all of them. Containing "the weight loss berry", the goji berry and seductive rose, you'll be forever changed after your experience with Temptress. Enjoy a full on raw chocolate taste with the seductive Temptress... she will lead you beyond temptation.

Temptress Bars are made with raw chocolate powder, goji berries, raw agave nectar and cacao butter. And for those of you concerned around all the raw chocolate controversy, especially with the recent Paul Nissan comments, Shazzie addresses that too:

In short, yes there are dead animals in "standard chocolate bars", but they're not in raw cacao beans or nibs (you'd see them) or powder. Neither are they in our bars. Animals are attracted to cacao (coz they *know*), and mass-manufacturing causes them to be part of the bars, the same as bread and other mass manufactured goods. Another reason to eat raw chocolate! The chemical stuff is all addressed in our book, too... basically cooked chemicals are very different to raw ones... that's the whole foundation of the raw food diet. Paul's a lovely guy, and we don't all have to agree on everything. Raw cacao works for me, it works for David, it works for thousands and maybe millions of people. It's fine, too that other people feel it doesn't work for them. Examplying... a high fruit diet doesn't work for me, I'm not saying it's wrong -- know what I mean? Recognise the difference, give thanks we ain't the same, variety's the spice of life, hey fella what's your name? (words off of Big Audio Dynamite).

To be clear, we haven't tried Shazzie new bar yet, but you better bet we will! Production starts June 23rd.




My god... this looks and sounds DIVINE!

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