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Cali Raw Food Love

SF Weekly profiles Alive, San Fran's raw food hot spot famous for its deserts

Raw food restaurants usually get a bad rap for serving food that's artful but less than filling. An exception is Alive!

LAist highlights Leaf
Culver City's Organic Oasis famous for its smoothies

No matter which location you pick, Leaf is going to offer you just what it's eponymous name refers to: leaves, rather... leafy greens.


abundant love

Im so happy to finally see Leaf Cuisine mentioned on WLIR. I love owner Rod Rotundi's mission statement:
"Our intention is to create healthful, tasty and affordable foods in their natural state using only organic ingredients, imagination and conscious care." The food at Leaf is not only incredibly delicious and affordable, but the menu is also designed in such a way that you could eat only Leaf food and still be getting all the nutrients you would need, which is really refreshing. Rod is also incredibly conscious of the restaurantseffect on theenvironment, and although I am sure it is not yet perfect I find it to exceed many. The vibe from the staff as well as customers is always amazing as well and its great to find a place which is focused less on how beautiful raw food can make you physically and more on physical and emotional health (i found an incredible article in Leafs product information booklet about goji berries and their ability to make people "happy")I love that they also sell tshirts made of a hemp and tensel blend, although many tend to write off hemp clothing as a bit too hippy dippy, I find it to be far superior than the more common organic cotton tshirts.


My first introduction to Raw Cuisine was at Leaf and I tell you, I am hooked. As a meat eater who often opts to go vegetarian, Leaf provided such incredibley accessible food that I have been back many times and even experimented with creating raw food at home. This week I am planning to take a trip to the new raw food restaurant on Main St. in Santa Monica, I can't wait to expand my raw food horizons.


I've never really been a big fan of "Leaf" but it seems like that's a lot of other people's favorite...especially that avacado salad they have. I prefer Jade Cafe personally.

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