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Education & Attractiveness Survey

I was watching this CNN News clip of author and raw food educator, Jackie Graff, and it got me thinking:

How much does attractiveness and good looks effect the way we accept or reject an educators information? With the raw food lifestyle gaining massive press and attention over the last few years, how important is it that spokespersons look healthy and attractive?

We've talked about this before, but I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to have an instant reader survey. Feel free to leave additional thoughts in the comments section.

View the results of this survery at any time by clicking here

Before you start sending hate mail, I'm not saying Jackie Graff isn't healthy looking. In fact, I think she looks great for her age, (her bio mentions that she's "worked for 33 years" as a health educator), I'm just asking an honest question that I'm sure we've all thought about.

Note: To me looking good and looking healthy has nothing to do with age. There are great examples raw foodies who are older and look extreamly health and attractive.