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Kookie's for your inner monster


There are very few raw "cookies" out there that satisfy our inner monster. In fact, most of the cookie attempts are either hard as a rock or taste like a ball coconut mulch. The word on the street, however, is that Kookie Karma is different.

Founded by young entrepreneur Juli Novotny, Kookie Karma is making fast moves in Southern California and New York as the premier vegan and raw cookie. With flavors like Raw Banana Bread, Raw Cherry Cashew, Raw Carob Truffle, Raw Lemon Fig, & Raw Granola Bar its no wonder why!

Here's Juli on her decision to include raw kookies (via Vison Magazine):

This came about while I was on a raw food only kick for a few years. I had lots of clarity and stored energy to use up, so I spent nights in the kitchen, blending, dehydrating, sprouting and, of course, eating! Our Raw Living line is especially full of health and good vibrations. We don’t even cook these flavors in the oven; we dehydrate them at low temperatures, making them living foods. We infuse cherries, almonds, agave nectar, maple syrup, coconut, carob, hemp seeds, olive oils, orange juice, and other foods fresh from the farmer’s markets to create these kookies. Living, raw foods are full of active enzymes, which are the catalysts to optimal health; most of the time if we don’t eat our vegetables and fruits raw, we don’t get these important nutrients, thereby sacrificing our health.

More from Juli on her background and getting started (via an email to WLIR):

I started the company 2.5 years ago at age 24 with very little funding. It's been an awesome experience so far and a huge challenge for me. I have been so fortunate to be in such great stores as Whole Foods Market on the west coast. I was the first raw food cookie ever to be in the whole foods Southern Calif Region and now there are so many! It's been so great to see raw foods grow and grow and become more and more mainstream. The company began in LA with just me (and my boyfriend sometimes) making everything 3 flavors of cookies out of somebody else's commercial kitchen. Now, there are 6 of us in our own commercial kitchen...making over 8 flavors of cookies and now we also make cereal and crackers!!!!