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New interviews from Raw Vegan Radio



guess who?

hi, i actually wanted to comment on your negative review of blue green, both pure and blue green are not being honest about the ingredients, lets not forget that these are people out to make money. sorry but this is not the tree of life in patagonia. i know for a fact that many of the ingredients are not raw and not organic, but that is not the point. the point is to introduce your typical (wealthy) consumer into a healther lifestyle, even if its just for a meal, it may open their eyes. look, pure take out is always messy these days (sarma you should really get a handle on this) and just not well run, i think when jackie and melvin left it started to go downhill, and well, hey im just letting you know, that those rosemary crackers are really awful,( both blue green and pure crackers are terrible, many times they have fermented in the bag, this makes people very sick! maybe you should take a lesson from me, anyway, good luck and really you guys should really be ashamed of putting such a negative post up. it put me off big time, even though matthew kenny is a crim, and a user, i think i would rather take my friends to his place now. cheers : )

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