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News Flash: Your Kids Are Fat

Song Title: News Flash, Artist: Adam Murauskas

Adam, one of our buddies from Delaware, recently sent us an email with a song attached about an experience he had while visiting his brother in Florida. Whether you're into this style of music or not, Adam's track is an example of the growing consciousness that youth are starting to develop around diet and food. Big thanks to Adamn for letting us post it on WLIR. 

When I was in Florida visiting my brother, his TV was on and the news man was like, "Up next. Should we just tell our kids that they're fat? Why sugar coat and avoid the problem?" I got REAL salty, cuz obviously that ******* don't know shit about what the real problem is, let alone any type of solution. "Should we tell our kids they're fat"????? How about, "Should we stop poisoning our children?" How about that one? UGH.

So anyhoos... I penned a few bars to express my angst and laid it down the other day. Please give her a listen. I flipped a new style on it too. Real somber sound.