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Help! Too much energy, I can't sleep!

A friend of mine who's been eating almost all raw for the last month shared a recent challenge he's been experiencing:

"Dhru, I've had such an abundance of energy recently (through the raw food), that I'm having trouble going to sleep! I end up laying in bed for one to two hours just sitting around. Any thoughts or techniques that you've found that work? Have you, or anyone you've known, been through similar issues?"

In fact I have had this issue. From my experience it doesn't last too long. It stopped for me once my body adjusted to the new found energy it had. After that, I just needed less overall sleep.

While it was adjusting though, here's a few techniques that worked for me:

  • Fall asleep to meditation CD's or audio books: I like Steven Halpern's sleep CD's and  Eckhart Tolle's audio books.

  • Massage yourself to sleep: Take some raw coconut oil and start with your feet, take your time and work your way up your body to your head. This is a great way to get present to your body and any areas of stored energy or pain it may have. Even if you aren't having sleep problems I would still recommend this technique. Watch out though, oil can get a bit messy if you're actually sitting on your bed.

  • Do Something: Hey, if you have the energy, might as well do something with it! Clean up your room, do some mid-night gardening, start a business on the side! Its a great feeling knowing that you are working while the rest of the community is sleeping.

What's worked for you?


Vegan Momma

I never required a lot of sleep, about 4-6 hours nightly. When I transitioned to all raw foods the amount of sleep I needed was less (3-5 hours nightly.) I take advantage and do something such as study, complete orders for my business (natural skin and hair care products), read, etc.,


I have used hypno-cd's. I first used them while I was pregnant and I still use them because I enjoy them so much. They are very relaxing and really help.
Either that or I daydream about things that relax me, for me that means diagrams of haircuts or trying to list product ingredients in alphabetical order. I used to do hair and old habits die hard, the hair diagrams always get me.
If Im lucky and Bob Ross (the happy little tree painter)has been on then I TiVo it and watch him, ever since I was a little girl his voice has been super soothing.

Elvis Ripley

I have solved this by sleeping less. If I am not tired I don't try to go to sleep.


Up your exercise during the day (and long before bedtime)! Use that extra energy to go for a run or a hike or a long walk.


midnight dog walks


I get full of energy sometimes and can't get to sleep. When that happens, I like to do a visual meditation that I call a "Color Meditation":

Lay in bed, get your covers laying nicely around you. Take a few deep breaths...... Start to imagine red energy, red light starting at your toes. Imagine this energy slowly moving from your toes all the way through your body, up to your head. Now continue with orange. Then yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. As you imagine the colors, imagine each color relaxing you. Imagine it giving you energy for tomorrow, but rest for tonight. Finally, end this visualization with white energy. When you are finished you should be relaxed, and somehow feel something like relief or satisfaction.

If you really want to have fun with this, you can do a "raw food color meditation"! When I do this, I think of what food has the color I'm thinking of... like strawberries are red, oranges are orange, bananas are yellow, nice leafy greens are green...I feel really good after that!

If this is too energizing for you, you can also do this visualization in the morning, or anytime when you are stressed out or need energy.

Hope this helps! Sweet dreams! ~ Heidi

Elvis Ripley

That sounds really interesting.


I just hang on the internet, to read raw food news and blog raw food recipes and stories for others to enjoy ;)


you should try drinking red bull. :)

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