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Cecilia Cooked, Cecilia Raw


Say hello to Cecilia Benjumea, a former suffer of multiple alignments, (asthma, depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) who discovered the power of raw foods and turned it all around. Here's Cecilia's story:

As a child I was often sick with upper respiratory infections. At around age seven I was diagnosed with asthma and chronic sinusitis. At around age 10 I was on about 4 different medications for my asthma, 3 different types of inhalers and antihistamine pills. For me it was just a part of life to have asthma attacks and feel like I was suffocating on a daily basis. I didn't let it stop me from doing anything I wanted as long as I had my inhaler with me. I would use my inhalers sometimes up to 14 + times a day. Every time I would use the inhaler I would feel my heart race because of the stimulating affect it had on my system. I just learned to live with it and  never questioned that I could heal it, I just assumed I would have asthma 

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