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Gabriel Cousens on Food For Spiritual Awakening

GabrielcousensI've read Spiritual Nutrition by Dr. Cousens and found the insights to be a little tough to grasp.

Recently though, I stumbled upon this interview with Dr. Cousens and Michael Toms of New Dimesnsions Audio that reviews the insights in Spiritual Nutrition in a digestible manner.

You can here a sample for free, but the download of the interview will cost you $4.95.

Via New Dimensions Radio: Would you like to know six simple dietary changes that will improve your physical and spiritual health? Listen to this conversation with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and find out what those changes are as well as be informed how eating pesticide-laden foods affects your neurological function. Cousens even goes so far as to propose that the way we eat can lead to peace in the world, "Peace of the body becomes peace of the mind . . . Peace of the mind becomes peace with our family. If our blood sugar is steady and our mind is clear, we're certainly going to get along better. From peace with the family we start to talk about peace with the community, peace with all cultures, and peace with the ecology." Is fasting or being vegetarian for you? This far ranging conversation will shed light on such questions and more. 1 hour




I think nature is just as violent as human beings are so I don't understand what he means that peace will exist on earth if human beings change their diet to something more natural like a 'vegan raw food diet'. I mean, raw food or not, I think people will still be violent and competitive just the way nature is.


thats pretty interesting. Thanks!


I am really not too familiar with spiritoual nutrution, but the slogan "you are what you eat" has been true for decades.


It is very interesting what Dr. Cousens has to say. I've read a few interviews and he seems to provide a good way to live healthy.


It is very interesting what Dr. Cousens has to say. I've read a few interviews and he seems to provide a good way to live healthy.

matt ayre

If you have seen the study wherew violent criminals in a jail were put on a vegan or veg diet and they mellowed out markedly less violent in nature!


The way I see it, there is an ongoing ever active effort of spirit to establish its material equivalent in the highest evolved
matter - brain. Since brain is also hooked to a body's biochemistry, it makes one hell
of a sense to work on a biochemical harmony
as to make brain a suitable "appliance" for
a "high voltage" spiritual input.
Those physicists who say that none of the material realm really exists would probably also say that all violence is "virtual",
like everything else in Nature - just teaching us a lesson on disharmony. For,
if on one hand we got a beauty and a smell of a rose to inspire us, then something like a crocodile has its own lecture to deliver.
Raw food may be the only key. Someone once said: "It depends on the hinges to which side the door will open".

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