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How to Travel in the Raw: a Must-Have Checklist

by Frederic Patenaude

If you've been experiencing the benefits of eating more raw foods, or even committing to a raw food diet, you have probably asked yourself the question: "What should I do when traveling?"

Have you ever wondered if it would be complicated to eat a raw food diet when traveling in new cities, new countries and new cultures where you're not sure what you'll find or if people will even understand what you need?

Or maybe you're not sure how easy it would be to eat a raw food diet on a camping trip, or while going on a scuba-diving expedition, or even on an organized trip or cruise.

If that's the case for you, be relieved. I'm providing you with my own personal checklist of things to do when you're traveling in the raw.

The Raw Travel Checklist

  • Maintain a positive attitude: you will be able to find what you need. You can eat a raw food diet and travel if you want - just expect the best and remain positive!
  • If you're flying, contact your travel agent in advance and reserve a "fruit plate" for your meal.
  • Bring with you several 32-ounce jugs of fruit smoothie. For more information on the best "travel drink"
  • Pack extra dried goods such as dried figs or nuts, "just in case". Bring enough for the length of your trip.
  • Consider the possibility of committing to being 100% raw on your trip, just for the sake of feeling better and having an even better time.
  • Spend a few minutes doing some Google searches on vegetarian restaurants, raw food restaurants, health food stores, farmers' markets and other resources in the place you will be visiting.
  • Drop by an Internet forum for raw foodists such as Raw Health Mastermind and ask people for recommendations on your travel situation.
  • If you're doing an organized tour or trip, advise the organizers in advance that you're on a special diet and inform them of your needs.
  • If space allows, bring your own blender or consider purchasing a travel blender such as the "Tribest Personal Blender" (available online).
  • Learn to say the phrases "I am a vegetarian," "I would like just fruit," "I would like a plain salad" and "Where's the market?" as well as "Please" and "Thank you" if people speak a foreign language where you're going.
  • Pack a thin plastic cutting board, 2 knives, 2 spoons, 2 forks, as well as a board or plastic container large enough to contain a salad.
  • Pack a few plastic bags to hold peels and trash for your initial travel by plane, car or train.
  • Be aware that traveling TO the United States is trickier because they don't allow fresh fruits and vegetables into the country. Get around that by bringing fruit smoothies or a prepared fruit salad instead.
  • Remember to keep up your exercise during the trip as well! Do 10 or 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises in your room, and if you're staying at a hotel, find out if they have an exercise room.
  • Smile a lot.
  • Remember to have fun no matter what.

So now that you're armed with this checklist, there's nothing that can stop you from having a great trip AND staying healthy.

Make sure you print out this checklist and have it available for your next trip! Click here to download your PDF copy now.

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Great ideas- unfortunately, looks like they're gonna start banning liquids from airplanes, due to the latest terrorist airplane bombing plans that involve liquid fuels.


Fasting on an airplane also works :)


Yup, here's another vote for fasting. A gallon of fruit smoothie? That would take up half my carry-on. Puhleeze!


Ditto on the fasting- esp. on the plane. I'd slip in a couple of swiss kriss too to keep everything moving when I get where I'm going.

If I've got a car I usually load up with trinity water before heading off into the unknown, but my main staple is usually citrus- they don't need to be refrigerated, they don't bruise easily, and they have high water content and don't dry me up like nuts do. Grapefruit is great for alkalinity and oranges/tangerines/etc. are great for kicks.
Also avocados hold up pretty well if they're firm- a little baggie of sea salt and some cayenne, and I'm stuffed. Mangoes and boxes of cherry tomatoes hold up pretty well too. Again, no need to refrigerate.

Traveling raw is definitely doable.

One concern, though- I've been researching a trip to India, and I've read that the 'fresh' food there is incredibly sprayed and, worse, full of bacteria and parasites. The tour books I've read suggest cooking everything just to sanitize it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Having to eat boiled everything in India would probably kill a lot of what I'd hope to discover there.
Would love some feedback on this.
Happy trails!


my impression is that the negative effects of stress caused by trying to eat raw while travelling would outweigh any positive health benefits I would get from eatings raw while I travel


An absolutely must for me is to travel with a dehydrated powder mix of greens. You can find raw varieties if you wish. It keeps my energy levels high with all the running around at airports. It also keeps me satiated enough to avoid the tempting airport snacks!


Hi Dave, saw your post about negative impact of being stressed while eating raw and travelling.

I actually find that going raw is easier while travelling. I can always find fruit, and packing some dried stuff and nuts is quite easy. It actually gives me more energy and lowers my stress level! It is also a heck of a lot cheaper than paying $10 for the super low quality airport sandwich


Hi Dave,
I've traveled the world all raw and have had a wonderful time doing it. It's all in the attitude I guess. Here are some pictures of me on my raw adventures:


Confession of a new raw foodie.......Im not ready to be 100% raw while I travel. So many of the destinations I have been to have food memories attatched that Im still working with.
I take my enzymes, E3 Live, some snacks Ive made at home and then eat a lot of fruit in the mornings and salads.
But there are still cooked foods that are calling to me when I go away on vacation.
However I do feel icky when I eat the cooked foods so it's not as wonderful as memory wants me to believe.
Perhaps as time goes on it will diminish.


To the person concerned about the safety of raw food in India-

I spent several months travelling in Mexico last year, and I had heard the same concerns about bacteria and parasites on raw produce.

We ate lots of raw stuff while we were there with no problems, by washing/soaking everything in clean water with some grapefruit seed extract or a colloidal silver/iodine mix added to it, and putting lime juice all over everything. It worked great.


Yvette Valdez

I wanted to respond directly to the inquiry about India. Being raw in India is practically impossible because you cannot eat the fresh fruits and vegetables. The water in them will make you deathly ill. I held out for 1 1/2 weeks, eating bars and cooked curry dishes. Finally, I had had it, and really wanted some fresh vegetables. They looked so good. Despite every guide's warning and my doctor word of caution, I ate cucumbers, carrots and radishes to my heart's delight. The very next day I was running a fever of 104 and couldn't keep anything down. I was in a critical condition for about 2 days before I started responding to the cipro I brought. I also was in a remote area where there was really no hospital. It took about 1 week to recover. It's a real reality check when you realize that your health is at risk because of your dietary choices. Our stomachs just do not have the bacteria to fight whatever is in the water. Be very careful when you travel and try as much as possible to get steamed vegetables in India. I am currently traveling China and having an extremely difficult time as they insist on cooking everything and are not big fans of salads. As my chinese is extremely limited, I have spent some days on just fruit (which is delicious here) and bars. However, the lack of nutrients in the vegetables which you need catch up with you after a week or so, and I have been no doubt very tired. Good luck. This isn't easy. But I will say that it makes me appreciate the privilege of my choice in the US.


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Hi Dave,
I've traveled the world all raw and have had a wonderful time doing it. It's all in the attitude I guess.

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I spent several months travelling in Mexico last year, and I had heard the same concerns about bacteria and parasites on raw produce.

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dilip somaiya

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