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MySpace Buddies & Raw Foodies


MySpace has proven to be a great gatherer of like minded individuals. Here's a short list of some of the cool people WLIR has befriended. If you have MySpace you may consider befriending them too!

And don't forget to add us to your entourage!

Have a MySpace account? Feel free to post it in the comments section.



i was wondering where all the raw people were on that thing!



cool, a raw myspace ring...


Thanks for the comments, Drumhil. Love your site- as always. Glad you are updating it more frequently again.


Oh- guess I should put the blog address in the body of the message and not just in the URL field!


Hey everyone, just wanted to drop in to say hi! Love what you've got going on here!


Hi Hi! This is a great idea, Dhru!

I also have a Myspace page!
My Myspace page is:

And if you haven't already, check out my fresh new raw food blog called
Raw Food, Right Now!:

I'd love to meet fellow raw food friends out there... Feel free to drop me a line sometime!

Three cheers for the growing raw community,
~ Heidi

naja floor

WOWSERS!! all the love. all the support. all the growth. I moved to LA 3yrs ago. juliano's RAW was just being built. Rawvolution was up & running. BUt there has been a MAGNIFICENT surge. I am so happy. ANd will be a much bigger contributer in the very near future.
I am Leaving in 3 weeks for Gabriel Cousins Tree of LIfe Center for a 3 month apprenticeship in the raw,living,vegan kitchen..


Hi Dhrumil,

Ya doin' great work. Just wondering though. Whatever happened to your comment you made about keeping the site updated, everyday, for three times a day? Did you change your mind? If you changed your mind, maybe it's a good idea to let us know. That way, I would know to check your site less frequently. For the past several days, I have been checking to see something new, and there has been no change. I know, life is busy for us all. If busyness is the case, I would love to hear you say something like, "I'll update the site as frequently as I can." That way, I will know what to expect. Aiight. What are your thoughts on this. Thanks. And keep up the awesome work. Tomlin


Hah, why are you so angry?


Yes...what's with the angry face, Chef Mike. Shouldn't crackin' coconuts make you happy? And, by the way, Dhrumil....however you chose to update the site is just alright with me, bro!!! Big Kiss....ruby

Chef Mike

No anger babies! That emotion doesn't exist in my world. Just RAW. ARRG! BTW... I love this site... keep up the great work. Respect!


Chef Mike

(AND... that's 'stink face'... you'd know it if you ever cracked open a really rotten coconut!)

dora sophia


its true.



Happy New Year!!

Bryan Au

Hi Dhrumil,

Love what you are doing! Please add MYSPACE! Also I am launching my RAW FOOD into all the Whole Foods soon! Starting with CALIFORNIA people can waltz into Whole Foods and buy/get/enjoy my new RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET label of refrigerated RAW Organic Cuisine pre packaged like my Macaroni and Cheese, Mango Cheesecake and may more from my RAW IN TEN MINUTES recipe book and new ones I just created too also some dry RAW Goods and dehydrated cookies/breads too YUM! I also just launched my new line of ECO Organic Bamboo Denim and fashion line called RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET which features my RAW STAR LOGO (one of many different designs, logos) because when you are raw you are a SUPER STAR and SUPER HERO for saving the Earth! I also have Bamboo Organic Cotton T-shirts, socks, and more that are super soft and also my own designer jeans and MODAL which is made of tree leaves for all the info please go to my website: http://www.RawInTen.com

Empowering people to be RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET,
Bryan Au


Add me to the list of raw foodies!!! Lovin' it!!


my myspace is

my blog is


hello im a musician raw foodist ;)

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