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Pure Bar Surprise


The picture above is of a Pure Raw Food Bar, (Chocolate Brownie flavor). I was surprised to find it as part of a snack tray outside of our board meeting room at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort.

I know the head chef knew that our group was vegetarian, but he had not idea that we fancy raw foods.

Score one for the marketing power of raw food!



that's very exciting!! Raw food going mainstream...yeah!!


I'm curious if anyone has done a "taste test" of the raw food bars out there.

What bar do people like best?


My favorite ones have to be the following:

-Probars (Berry)
-Garden of Life (Summer Berry)
-Organic Fiber bars (all flavors)
-Organic Food bar (Active Greens/Chocolate)

Can anyone else recommend any other good ones?


I just had the Red Raspberry by Garden of Life today and it was fabulous. I liked it better than Lara Bars, which I have been eating lately. Tons of fiber and full of sprouts seeds, grains, beans and lots of green power!

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