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Airplane meal codes for rawfoodies


There are two place that you pretty much can count on getting some of the worst food ever: Hospitals and Airplanes.

My preferred strategy when on the latter is: BYOSF - Bring Your Own Super Foods. But sometimes we forget to plan in advance and while booking a last minute flight, especially longer ones, we're faced with terrible options of see above.

Luckily Tina has sent in this useful tip she found at fruitarian.com for those of us looking for better options:

You can choose your meal when traveling by airplane just indicate the code of the meal you desire twenty four hours before traveling.

  • FPML: Fruit Meal
  • RVML: Raw Vegetarian Meal
  • VGML: Vegan Meal

Obviously airline food isn't organic, but I'd rather see someone eating a semi-fresh raw fruit platter than what ever that glob of so-called-food is above. But remember, nothing beats planning in advance.

Note: Even though I don't eat airline food any more, I'll just go ahead and enter the codes above so that at least the airlines know that there's people out there that want healthier options. When the food comes I'll just tell them I'm not hungry. It may sound bad, but its not really wasting food, because if you don't enter anything the airlines just pick the standard meal option for you.