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Last week for $3,150 Prius Tax Credit


You know how you've always wanted that hybrid? Well this just may be your push. This Saturday marks the last day that a Toyota Prius can be bought with the $3,150.00 government tax credit attached to it. After Sunday the tax credit is chopped in half to $1,575.00.

Via Toyota: Toyota/Lexus hybrid sales from January 1, 2006 through May 31, 2006 totaled 68,637. As TMS reached the 60,000 cumulative hybrid sales threshold during the 2nd Quarter 2006, credits will therefore be reduced by one-half beginning with vehicles put into service by consumers after September 30, 2006. Please see calendar below for the TMS hybrid tax credit phase out schedule.



bobby jo



Unfortunately the Prius isn't useful for someone who needs to haul wood and dirt,etc. I suppose they're great for the cool factor in the same way some folks shop at Whole Foods because they saw Kate Hudson do it :-) Cutting the credit of course means one has to fork over more money to replace the battery in about four or five years.

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