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Looking for reader profiles

I had an interesting thought while replying back to reader mail last night: "Our readers our so interesting and come from such a diverse background that it would be a shame not to connect them to one another. Then I thought: "What better way to connect our readers than feature them on our site?"

Interested? Hey, all the cool kids are doing it! If you are, send your reader profile with a photo to rawfood@gmail.com

  • First Name:
  • Location:
  • Fav. activities & interests:
  • Fav. Raw food dish (recipe if you have it):
  • Tip to share with other WLIR readers:

Note: You don't have to be fully raw or even close to be featured.



Hi Sarma,

While describing yourself and your recent path, you've described me perfectly! Even to the "ready for a cleanse" point, but I hadn't committed yet. Reading your words, though, why the hell not? I'll join you (me in my world, you in yours, of course).

Thanks for the honesty and inspiration.



Hi Sarma
Thanks for putting in to words what I've been feeling. I first attempted raw food this summer sort of as an outgrowth of my impending study at Institute of Integrative Nutrition, sort of because I wanted to lose the weight I've been lugging around for far too long. I look back on those initial weeks in some sense fondly because Irealize I don't feel at all well now that I fell off the raw food wagon. Despite that I realized too that the random, crazy way I was eating RAW was not necessarily healthy either as I put way to much emphasis on eating what was sweeter, and often fattier than my regular meals. Its good to hear that this is a work in progress for everyone. I guess learning from others really is a useful tool, and one I relish.

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