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Study finds juicing cuts risk of Alzheimer's by 76%

We here are WLIR were totally pumped after hearing this announcement by the ADA that a vegan diet can greatly reduce or reverse the effects of diabetes. We didn't think it could get much better than that! Actually, we're totally lying.... we knew it was only the beginning.

Now, in other great news, we see that another recent study has shown that pimp'n whole foods is absolutley the way to go:

Drinking juiced fruit and veg 'cuts Alzheimer's risk by 76%

Researchers followed almost 2,000 volunteers for up to 10 years while monitoring their juice consumption and brain function.

They found the risk of Alzheimer's was 76 per cent lower for those who drank juices more than three times a week compared to those who drank them less than once a week.

The powerful results add to a whole raft of research showing that diet can play a key role in the prevention of the disease. More

Here's the best part: The study didn't specificy what type of juice the 2,000 or so volunteers drank, but I'm assuming it wasn't all raw or green. Can you imagine how much higher the percentage would have been if it was? Mind blowing!

Now go on and get yourself something good!